Jacob Roloff Stuns Fans, Announces He’s Settling Down

Jacob Roloff has found it at last:

Home sweet home.

The former Little People, Big World star surprised Instagram followers this week when he announced that he and his wife, Isabel, were seemingly done living the life of nomads.

Known for traveling around the Pacific Northwest in their RV, the couple appears ready to finally settle down.

“I have wanted to move to Bend, Oregon for a very long time but everyone always told me, ‘It never rains there, it is sunny every single days of the year,'” wrote Isabel on Instagram Stories, adding:

“Which, honestly…was a turn off lol. I love the rain.”

Continued Isabel, who married Jacob in late 2019 after five years of dating:

“We have been here for a few weeks now and it’s been raining and storming, and let me just say, I’m more in love w this place than ever.”

Isabel and Jacob had previously been living on the road for the most part, driving all around in their 1987 Westfalia van — named Ruby — to visit 10 states and 10 national parks, a goal they had set for themselves years ago.

But it now sounds as if this journey has come to at least some kind of end.

It’s unclear exactly for how long Jacob will remain settled in Oregon, but we’re thinking he may be sticking around to help in the fight for social justice.

Last week, the ex-reality star shared a photo of himself as a protest in Bend, prior to challenging his family to do a lot more for the country in this area.

First, Jacob called out sister-in-law Audrey for merely writing hollow “platitudes” on Instagram, extending a feud between the relatives that we’ve been writing about for several months.

Then, Jacob listed a number fo organizations to which one could give in support of the Black Lives Matter movement — and tagged his parents and siblings on social media as a way to pressure them to donate.

“Tagging my family (those with great followings) because they have majority white audiences who desperately require a call to solidarity with these protesters and dissenters,” wrote Jacob online.

In other words?

You’re white, popular and privileged, Mom and Dad! Do something here!

Always outspoken, Jacob added at the time:

“This is surely a moment in American history; between racism and anti-racism; fall to fascism or anti-fascism; despotic regime or active democracy.

“Even at the defeat of trump we will have the structural work to do, for Trump is a mere symptom, however terrible, that the system did carry on feathers and silver platter to where he is and remains.”

Well said, right?

Jacob pretty much admitted a few days ago that he wanted to stick around one area in order to support the cause of social justice in America.

“We will likely be in this area of Oregon for awhile. It’s been so stormy, we have been getting rain and seeing lightning, we love it!” wrote the couple as an update.

‘Bend is such a van friendly place.

“We wanted to extend our love, support and encouragement to those of you out there fighting the good fight, maintaining your sanity, and just doing the damn thing. All of our love to you and yours!!”

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