In-N-Out Opening in Colorado Creates Chaos, Fights and 12-Hour Waits

In-N-Out Burger has made its way to Colorado, but instead of enjoying double-doubles and milkshakes … many Aurora residents are dealing with chaos and a 12-hour wait!!!

A brand new location for the fast-food chain — which is a favorite on the west coast — opened Friday in the Denver suburb, and it seems demand is way too high to satisfy everyone’s appetite.

The Aurora Police Dept. alerted everyone midday that the wait to get grub is 12 HOURS … and traffic is severely bogged down in the area. The police are warning folks the restaurant will likely close before they make it to the window, and strongly encouraging them to eat elsewhere.

What’s worse — the long line of cars is apparently making hangry people get out and go “animal style” … as a major brawl broke out in which it appears one dude loses his pants.

So, if you’re currently waiting in this In-N-Out line, take it from us here in California — the food’s worth the wait … but it CAN wait ’til tomorrow.

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