Iggy Azalea Reveals Newborn Son’s Name

Iggy Azalea has shared her newborn son’s name. The rapper, whose real name is Amethyst Amelia Kelly, revealed in an Instagram video on Tuesday that her son has been named Onyx Carter.

“Baby boy, are you going to say something to me?” Azalea asks her son in the sound clip labeled “Amethyst & Onyx.”

Azalea had announced the birth of her baby boy in June, writing, “I have a son. I kept waiting for the right time to say something but it feels like the more time passes the more I realize that I’m always going to feel anxious to share news that giant with the world.”

“I want to keep his life private but wanted to make it clear he is not a secret & I love him beyond words,” she added.

Azalea has not revealed who the boy’s father is, but fellow rapper Playboi Carti and Azalea have been rumored to be engaged.

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