Here’s why the Waldrops nearly turned down Sweet Home Sextuplets

Sweet Home Sextuplets made the Waldrops household names, introducing a nation of fans to Courtney, Eric, and their nine kids, among which are, of course, a group of adorable sextuplets. Adding to the show’s mass appeal, the proud parents had the six kids after struggling to conceive for quite some time. The show has an irresistible hook, similar to Jon & Kate Plus 8, because the focus is on family first. It’s not about manufactured drama or pushing the boundaries of what’s acceptable on television. Instead, Sweet Home Sextuplets is a close look at an all-American family with a less-than-normal home life.

As a result, the show has gone from strength to strength. In fact, it feels like it’s been on our screens much longer than it actually has (TLC debuted Sweet Home Sextuplets in September 2018). And, in spite of the Waldrops’ enormous popularity with viewers, it’s worth noting there was a significant chance, once upon a time, that they would never have ended up on TV in the first place.  

The Waldrops never wanted to be celebrities

As Courtney admitted on social media in 2019, “When we first considered saying yes to TLC, we were VERY hesitant” (via Facebook) The super-Christian family was concerned about how the show might affect their home life. Courtney added, “But we also knew that God did not place us on this journey for us to not share his word and what He can do in everyone’s lives.” The Waldrops therefore saw Sweet Home Sextuplets as a way to praise God and spread his message far and wide. The positive response to the show let Courtney know that, “People still long to see God work in a mighty way and that makes it all worth it!!!”

Eric echoed her sentiment in an interview with Today, explaining how they never set out to be celebrities and had no interest in chasing fame. “We didn’t go into this wanting to be — I don’t even like the word — celebrities,” he noted. Instead, Sweet Home Sextuplets is about sharing their blessings with the nation. As Eric advised, “We want to show America how good God has been to us,” because they see the sextuplets as a gift to their long-term relationship.

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