Heidi Klum's Halloween costumes ranked as she prepares for 2020 reveal

It’s going to be a very different Halloween this year due to the coronavirus pandemic – but while trick or treating is out the window, we can count on one Halloween staple for a bit of spooky flare.

Heidi Klum is marking two decades of being the queen of Halloween, and despite not being able to throw her legendary annual party, she will be adding to her iconic catalogue of costumes with a 2020 effort.

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, the 47-year-old said: ‘For the first year in a long time I am not hosting my annual party, but that does not mean that we can’t be creative and celebrate.’

As well as having a horror movie marathon with her family, the model will debut her 2020 costume on social media, and even though there’ll be less fanfare, we imagine that Heidi will still be pulling out all the stops.

Ever since 2000, Heidi has thrown her own Halloween party, and while her costumes started off relatively tame, they have become increasingly more elaborate, to the point that the entirety of Halloween builds up to her big reveal. 

Over the years, the America’s Got Talent judge has used prosthetics, paint and professionals to transform into gruesome aliens, cartoon characters and animals, going all out to top her previous efforts. 

So, in honour of her upcoming 2020 reveal, we’ve taken a look back at Heidi’s costumes so far, and ranked the queen of Halloween’s fancy dress. Take a bow, Heidi.

21. Dominatrix (2000)

It was back in 2000 when Heidi started dressing up and throwing a party, and it seems she wasn’t ready to claim her title as Queen of Halloween just yet. 

There’s nothing bad about Heidi’s S&M look, but it was pretty basic – you can imagine any of your pals rocking up to a bash in this get-up. However, as it was her first attempt, we’ll let her away with it. 

20. Betty Boop (2002)

Another fairly basic look, made up of a red dress, a wig and oversized eyelashes, Heidi was perfectly sweet as Betty Boop.

But as we will soon find out, she can do cartoon characters a lot better than this…

19. Witch (2004)

The default Halloween costume is a witch – grab a black bag and a broom and you’re sorted – so Heidi’s 2004 look isn’t all that inventive.

Still, we’ll give Heidi props for going the extra mile, as she explained to Page Six: ‘I had to go to one of those medical-supply stores and get a big, heavy fake skeleton that doctors and nurses use to study with, and carry it on my back all night long.’

18. Cleopatra (2012)

There’s no doubt Heidi looked gorgeous in her Cleopatra look, with the costume painstakingly detailed.

But although the costume was absolutely stunning, it was simply a ‘put it on and go’ vibe, and we expected a bit more impact in 2012. 

17. Golden gladiator (2003)

We aren’t entirely sure what this was meant to be – perhaps Mad Max meets Gladiator?

Still, a lot of effort went into this, with Heidi gilding her entire body and rocking a gold grill to boot. 

16. Crow (2009)

This isn’t entirely that inventive, and while the make-up and headpiece were great, the look was let down by the fishnets and normal boots.

But we are giving it extra points because a) Heidi had recently given birth, and who has the time? and b) it’s giving us major Moira Rose in The Crows Have Eyes 3: The Crowening vibes. 

15. Cat (2007)

Sometimes, you’ve just got to opt for the ‘sexy [insert animal here] costume, but Heidi brought it to the next level.

Her skintight costume was more feline than usual ‘whack on a pair of ears and a corset’ cat fancy dress, with her contacts and stellar make-up elevating the look. 

14. 80s vampire (2005)

Another basic idea with high impact, we love this look because Heidi really leaned into the camp.

The huge Cher wig, the bold make-up, the massive cape, this was Elvira meets hair metal and we ate it up.

13. Clones (2016)

OK, so obviously a lot of work went into giving Heidi’s ‘clones’ the prosthetics needed to imitate her. But to be honest, we didn’t even notice they were wearing prosthetics.

Our eyes just went to Heidi looking pretty in the middle, and at this stage in her Halloween career, we felt a little bit let down. 

12. Forbidden Fruit (2006)

Heidi was pregnant in 2006, so needed a costume that would work with her massive bump. So what better than a big old apple? 

We love a good pregnancy costume, and this was over-the-top and camp, and proved that Heidi wasn’t just about looking pretty at Halloween.

11. Lady Godiva (2001)

In theory, this one was pretty easy to recreate – long blonde wig, skintight bodysuit, a sprinkle of crystals.

But the commitment to this early Klum costume was phenomenal, as Heidi borrowed a police horse she didn’t even know how to ride to become Lady Godiva.


10. Butterfly (2014)

Seeing Heidi walk through Times Square dressed as a butterfly was pretty awesome, and while this was all in the outerwear, it served a whole lot of drama.

Heidi said it was difficult to see in this one, due to her buggy plastic eyes, which contained batteries to light up her wings. 

9. Kali (2008)

In 2008, Heidi went all out to become Kali, the Hindu goddess of death and time, and it was her first real showstopper of a costume. 

The star coated her face in blue paint and wore a backpack that fixed eight arms to her body, with a necklace of heads and a skirt of arms finishing the tribute.

However, it is rather culturally insensitive, and had Heidi chosen this costume a few years later, we doubt it would have been as well received.

8. Robot (2010)

Heidi tottered around on actual stilts to morph into this camp futuristic robot, and it was hard to recognise her under all that make-up.

We still don’t know how she managed to scrub off that purple glitter.

7. Body (2011)

Inspired by the Body Worlds exhibition, Heidi leaned into the gore for the first time with her skinless human body costume.

The model was wheeled into Tao nightclub on a gurney accompanied by doctors, and it’s pretty hard to look at her for too long without feeling a bit queasy at all the exposed muscle. 

6. Ape (2011)

Not content with just one stellar costume, Heidi and her then-husband Seal had a separate couple’s costume earlier on in the night, and it was the first time Heidi really experimented with her Halloween best friend, prosthetics. 

The couple were literally unrecognisable as a pair of apes, with a painstaking amount of work going into applying the hair to make their primate date look realistic.

This costume set the standard for the next few years, and Heidi began to prefer looking as much unlike herself as possible come October. 

5. Michael Jackson’s Thriller (2017)

Michael Jackson’s video for Thriller was iconic, and Heidi pulled out all the stops to pay tribute.

It took a team of experts seven hours to transform Heidi into Jacko’s werewolf, complete with fangs and contact lenses, and she was accompanied by a group of zombie friends to emulate the video.

Heidi even rehearsed the Thriller routine to ensure she was as spot on as possible.

4. Fiona from Shrek (2018)

We still can’t believe that’s Heidi under there.

Arriving at her party in an onion carriage, Heidi transformed into Princess Fiona via a prosthetic head, prosthetic hands and prosthetic boobs, all painted bright green, of course.

Her future husband also proved his commitment by undergoing the same process to become Shrek, resulting in an unbeatable couple’s costume.

3. Alien (2019)

Heidi’s most recent costume was also her most gruesome, as after 13 hours of prosthetics and make-up, she emerged as a mid-autopsy alien.

Heidi partnered with Amazon in 2019 and sat in the windows of the company’s New York offices so that fans could watch the lengthy transformation in progress.

While it’s quite sickening to look at, it truly is a work of gory art, with the exposed intestines a particular grim treat. 

2. Old woman (2013)

This one is Heidi’s personal favourite costume, and it’s not hard to see why. 

Then 40, Heidi aged 30 years with the help of exceptional make-up artists as she dressed up as an elderly woman, and we’re still amazed by the results.

Prosthetic artists gave her wrinkled skin, while veins and liver spots were airbrushed on. Throw in a grey wig, a tweed skirt and a cane, and Heidi got a glimpse into her future. 

1. Jessica Rabbit (2015)

This isn’t just Heidi’s best costume – it could be the best Halloween costume we’ve ever seen.

Heidi transformed into everyone’s favourite animated crush and the ultimate pin-up via a hell of a lot of prosthetics, becoming Jessica Rabbit in 2015.

The model’s entire face was changed with prosthetics, while she was given that bombshell body by a team of experts – and the results were mind-blowing.

Heidi said: ‘I was looking up who is the most well-known sex symbol — and it’s Jessica Rabbit. I said, “Perfect.” What man doesn’t want Jessica Rabbit? 

‘I wanted plus-plus everything: boots, butt, lips. Everyone was grabbing my boobs and butt because they knew they were fake.’

We cannot wait to see if she can top this in 2020. 

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