Harvey Weinstein is ‘very, very low’ and ‘going stir crazy’ in hospital room

Harvey Weinstein’s spokesperson has said the disgraced director is finding his stay in Bellevue Hospital difficult and is ‘very, very low’.

His spokesperson, Juda Engelmayer, said he spent an hour and half with Harvey on Friday, telling Reuters: ‘It’s scaring him. I think he’s melancholy. He’s very, very low right now.

‘He doesn’t like being left alone. When no one’s there, he said he’s just staring at the four walls. He can go stir crazy just staring at the emptiness.’

Harvey is under guard in his hospital room, after being admitted for suffering chest pains instead of being taken to Rikers Island jail.

He had been found guilty on two out of five counts of a criminal sexual act in the first degree and rape in the third degree, and could face up to 29 years in prison when he is sentenced in March.

Harvey’s room is apparently ‘bare’ with just a bed, stainless steel toilet with no seat and large windows, and guards are stationed outside his door.

He is reportedly allowed to make limited phone calls from a common area.

It comes after his defence lawyer, Arthur Aidala had claimed he was ‘unbelievably energised’ to ‘fight for justice’ earlier in the week.

Arthur told Page Six: ‘We left him at night after he was admitted. Yesterday morning, again with him at Bellevue hospital, I expected to see him distraught. He was unbelievably energized. Motivated to have his legal team fight for justice.’

One point they want to argue at an appeal is Juror 11, a woman who had written a novel about ‘predatory older men’ who they believed may have had a biased opinion, but this is just ‘one of’ the issues they had with the trial.

He added: ‘Next step is an appeal, which could take another nine months to a year. He hasn’t hired an appellate team as yet. A trial lawyer will also have to be at his side to give colour, explain the trial, know the transcript.

‘In the midst of it all and including the chest pains, he was complimentary on how well the court officers treated him. He said they couldn’t have been nicer.’

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