Halsey Gushes Over Shawn Mendes While Chowing Down On Spicy Wings

Like you, we can typically be found waiting for the next episode of Hot Ones to hit YouTube. And today (February 27), host Sean Evans was joined by the one and only Halsey to chat about all things Manic, including John Mayer’s recording on her song “3am,” and how she went about making such a diverse and cohesive third album.

“For us, it’s a lot about putting stuff in the track that kind of help you figure out what you’re supposed to feel,” Halsey said when asked about how she and her team went about taking Manic‘s songs to the next level sonically. “Or I’ll find some sounds that I think are indicative of the vibe or the world and we’ll layer them throughout the whole record, where you’ll hear a sound in track 2 and it reoccurs in track 10 and you go, ‘Oh!’ And it makes the whole thing feel like a journey.”

As fans now know, Mayer was an integral part of that journey, calling the pop star on the phone after the release of “Without Me” to congratulate her on making such a smash. That same voicemail made it onto the album. “I actually kind of did it selfishly,” Halsey said. “It was for myself. The voicemail happens right before ‘Without Me’ happens on the record and John called me the week it came out and was like, ‘This is gonna be your biggest song.’ And I was like, ‘Sure.’ And he was right. So, I owed it to him.”

Mayer wasn’t the only musician Halsey name-dropped during her Hot Ones segment, though. Soon enough, she and Evans were bonding over their mutual admiration for Shawn Mendes. “I love Shawn Mendes,” she said before Evans revealed that he’d just ran into him in a hotel lobby. “Isn’t he the sweetest guy? Sweetest kid. It’s the Canadians, man. They’re all nice. I don’t know what they’re doing over there. It’s probably the free healthcare.”

Apart from speaking about her latest album and gushing over Mendes and Mayer, the interview covered a lot of ground — and that’s because Halsey’s hot sauce tolerance level is actually pretty high. The singer made it through the first 15 minutes without even flinching, and she discussed everything from BTS’s devoted fan base to what it was like meeting boyfriend Evan Peters’ friends for the first time while dressed up for Halloween.

For more, check out the full episode of Halsey’s Hot Ones up above.

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