Halle Berry Shades ‘Distant Relative’ Sarah Palin: ‘She Ain’t Invited To The Cookout’

When an entertainment TV show’s Twitter page claimed Halle Berry and Sarah Palin share the same family tree, the Oscar-winning actress dissed the former VP candidate, saying Sarah ‘ain’t invited to the cookout.’

Halle Berry is saying a big no thank you to being told that she’s a distant relative of former Alaska governor and 2008 vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. The stunning 53-year-old actress had the best clap back to the news. The Twitter page for the Daily Blast Live syndicated TV show loves showing celebrities who are somehow related. On March 6 they tweeted “This pair shares roots that may seem like they’re from different trees, but @halleberry and former VP candidate @SarahPalinUSA are distant relatives — though the actual connection is unclear.”

Halle replied on her Twitter account, along with the picture of her being linked to the 56-year-old ultra-conservative former politician. The mother of two wrote, “She may be on the tree but she ‘AINT invited to the cookout,” including a face with tears of laughter emoji. According to the website Know Your Meme, being invited to the cookout refers to the African-American community allowing a person of a different race who proves to be  a friend of the community in, or excluding them if they’re not a friend or ally.

NBA superstar LeBron James, 35, loved her diss so much he commented with laughing so hard they are crying emojis. A user name Paul responded by telling Halle that Sarah is, “Definitely a Becky who would put raisins in the potato salad.” Lisa C. agreed, writing, “Ha! Absolutely not! Take your raisin filled potato salad elsewhere Sarah,” while another fan told Halle, “She can’t even bring the napkins.” Users applauded Halle’s reply, with one person telling her, “Legendary shade. Legendary shade indeed.”

While Daily Blast Live claimed the connection was “unclear” as to how the two women are related, the connection would likely come from Halle’s mom’s side. Her mother Judith Hawkins is white, while her father Jerome Berry is black. The account also noted that Madonna, 61, and Hillary Clinton, 72, are 10th cousins, and that besties Ben Affleck, 47, and Matt Damon, 49, are also 10th cousins, as they both descended from an English brick layer from the 1600s.

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