Grimes and Elon Musk Just Welcomed a Newborn Baby Boy Named X Æ A-12 Musk (Yes, Really)

While a bunch of celebs have announced pregnancies during quarantine (hi, Gigi Hadid, Lea Michele, and Katherine Schwarzenegger), some others were busy getting ready to welcome their babies into the world. Case in point: Grimes—who’s dating tech engineer and entrepreneur, Elon Musk—is officially a mother! Last night, she delivered a healthy baby boy.

On Twitter, Elon was chatting with his followers post-delivery and was perfectly happy to share details about the newest addition to his family (Elon has five sons from a previous marriage, FYI). After posting that “mom & baby [are] all good,” Elon responded to a fan itching to know what BB Musk’s name is.

And…*drumroll*…they’ve named their child X Æ A-12. Yes, really.

We need the name we literally need it

X Æ A-12 Musk

Along with the name reveal, Elon also shared the first pictures of his and Grimes’ son.

As expected though, people are bypassing those pics and instead freaking TF out at Grimes and Elon’s baby name choice. How do you pronounce X Æ A-12?

Thankfully, Elon did like this tweet, which gives us some clue:

X Ash Archangel?

So BB Musk’s name is likely pronounced “X Ash Archangel.” Or alternatively the X could be directly translated to “variable,” meaning that the name is Variable Ash Archangel? IDK guys, but we collectively should’ve seen this coming. Remember when Grimes announced back in 2018 that she was officially changing her name toc, the physics principle that represents the speed of light? I rest my case.

i’m legally changing my name from claire to ‘c’ , as in the speed of light. {☄️ lowercase and italics 💫} ___ this will be much better

Anyways, congrats to these crazy kids on their new baby!

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