Gaz Beadle’s fiancée Emma McVey fears their young children will contract coronavirus due to underlying health issues

Emma McVey has opened up on fears that her and fiancé Gaz Beadle's three month old daughter will contract coronavirus.

The 27 year old gave birth to the pair's second child, Primrose, in December, but she has heartbreakingly been ill since she was born.

Former Geordie Shore star Gaz has been documenting the family's numerous hospital trips, with doctors yet to diagnose Primrose's illness.

But her worried parents are now losing sleep over the current coronavirus crisis sweeping the globe, fearing that she could catch it.

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Emma said: "I'm very anxious because no one knows what to expect.

"I'm panicking and getting snappy with Gary because if we go into lockdown it could be very serious for our family. I've lost sleep over what's happening.

"There isn't baby milk on the shelves because people are selling it on eBay. How do they sleep at night?

"Our babies literally need that to survive, that's why people are panicking," she continued to tell The Sun Online.

Discussing fears that either Primrose or her two year old brother Chester will catch the deadly bug, Emma added: "Knowing our luck we're going to have a child who gets coronavirus.

"But having sick children has made us stronger because we went through a major rocky patch when Chester was born.

"I sometimes have really down days and so does Gary too. You lose a lot of your life.

"We didn't get a normal, easy baby — even they can be a strain on a relationship never mind a baby that never sleeps, is sick and no one can look after so you can have an hour off.

"You see your child constantly crying, but then see your friends with normal babies who don't have the problems we do.

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"But because me and Gary came through the other side it's made us so much stronger. I feel like we've got such a strong family unit because we spent so much time as a family."

"I feel worried about my mum and Gary's granddad who both live on their own.

"I won't let Chester and Primrose near my grandparents, but what do we do? We don't want them to be alone.

"Luckily I've always got jumbo packs of nappies at the house, but I've told Gary we're going to have to start rationing our food. I haven't even gone to the shops because I don't want the kids to be exposed," she continued.

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