First Lady Jill Biden Nearly Trips After Getting Heel Caught In Pavement: See Close Call Malfunction

Oops! Jill Biden needed a hand after her stylish leopard print pumps got stuck in some pavement while visiting Kansas City.

Jill Biden, 69, always looks stylish — but she had a bit of a fashion mishap on Thursday, May 27! The First Lady was walking alongside security and a photographer as she was heading to the Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport in Kansas City, Missouri when her leopard print pump got wedged into some pavement. She was quickly helped by the officers and photographer as she attempted to move her stuck foot, smiling and laughing the entire time. The incident nearly lead to her tripping, but fortunately that was avoided.

The reflection of Air Force One could be seen behind her in the window, which Jill was about to board to continue her tour in Michigan to encourage Americans to continue getting vaccinated against COVID-19. She paired her animal print shoes with a two-piece chocolate brown set, consisting of a blazer and straight leg pants. She added a matching camisole underneath, and accessorized with gold jewelry including a long necklace, bold earrings and a brooch.

Dr. Biden has been making plenty of appearances of late, including one with actress  Jennifer Garner, 49! The two women posed for a photo op West Virginia — Jen’s home state — on Thursday, May 13 just hours after Joe Biden said masks are no longer required outdoors for vaccinated Americans. Jill once again looked stylish in a blush pink blazer and white dress, along with a floral printed pump.  “We feel naked…I didn’t mean it that way!” Jill joked about being mask-free, ditching her pink version that she wore on the plane. “We just learned [about the new rule] as we got off the plane. And here I had gone out to buy one that was coordinated with my outfit so you can’t win,” she also said on the tarmac.

On May 4, the president issued an update about vaccinations across America — urging those who have not received theirs to make an appointment. “I want to thank the 105 million Americans of every background who are fully protected from one of the deadliest pandemics in our history,” he said. “There’s one fact I want every American to know: People who are not fully vaccinated can still die every day from COVID-19. Look at the folks in your community who have gotten vaccinated and are getting back to living their lives — their full lives. Look at the grandparents united with their grandchildren, the friends getting together again. This is your choice. It’s life and death,” he urged.

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