Fetty Wap’s Baby Mama Appears to Shade Him for Not Helping Take Care of Their Children

Opening up about her struggle to find time for herself, Lezhae Zeona who shares two children with the ‘Trap Queen’ hitmaker suggests that the rapper doesn’t even spend time with their kids on the weekend.

AceShowbizFetty Wap is once again accused of being a deadbeat father by one of his baby mamas. Lezhae Zeona, who shares two children with the rapper, has seemingly called out her ex while opening up about her struggle to raise two children with barely any help from people around her.

“If you have a healthy support system for your children be grateful fr,” she wrote on an Instagram Story post on Thursday, March 5. While Lezhae said that she only has one person she can depend on to help take care of her kids, the said person is not their father.

“I literally have ONE person who I can ask to mind my son for me and if that one person can’t do it (which I never get mad at because I understand everyone has a life) I just can’t go do what I have to do. And forget about a break for self and mental care purposes,” she went on sharing.

Hinting that Fetty doesn’t even spend time with his kids on the weekend, she told her followers, “So yeah, if your a mother with a mother who is always willing to take your child or a baby father who comes and gets them every weekend or whatever BE GRATEFUL.”

“Because rn I have something important to do and I can’t do it because I don’t have a baby sitter,” she added. Explaining the only time she would hire a baby sitter, she said, “If I do get a sitter it’s because I actually have something to do.”

Fetty Wap’s baby mama appears to shade him.

It’s unknown if Fetty has caught wind of Lezhae’s complaint, but he doesn’t seem to have any intention to engage in any social media interactions nowadays. Earlier on the same day his baby mama posted the message, he announced his Instagram break. “IDK how to deactivate my IG.. So ima just delete the app off my phone.. Love y’all always… Fetty Wap,” so he posted on his Stories.

Fetty Wap announces Instagram break.

This is not the first time Fetty is put on a blast by his baby mama. Back in 2016, Masika Kalysha, who is the mother to the 28-year-old star’s daughter Khari, suggested that the rapper was never really taking the role of a father for their child, while his other ex Turquoise Miami tweeted in 2018 that “@fettywap1738 Doesn’t do anything for Lauren,” emotionally, physically or financially.

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