Farrah Abraham: My Kid Knows About Sex Because I’m a GOOD MOM!

Have you heard?

Farrah Abraham is the absolute worst.

She has a long history of saying and doing offensive, disgusting, really troubling things.

And we're not talking about her sex tape.

The former MTV star has said racist things, she's said hateful, violent things, she's falsely accused someone of attempting to rape her.

But one of the most common examples of how awful she is involves the things she says about and does with her daughter, Sophia.

This new interview is a great example of what we're talking about …

1…. Cool?

2.An Achievement





7.Oh No


9.Too Easy

10.Here We Go

11.Ah, Memories

12.A Closer Look

13.Not Having It




17.A Good Choice?

18.Of Course

19.The Explanation (Kind Of)

20.Stepping Up

21.Translation, Please

22.All Right

23.Mama Bear

24.Easy, Killer

25.What a Hero

26.Seriously Though

27.Does It Matter?

28.Way to Go, Farrah

29.Right, Right

30.No Shaming!

31.What a Ride

32.Sounds About Right

33.Classic Farrah

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