Farrah Abraham: Let ME Tell You How to Parent Your Kids!!!

Farrah Abraham is notorious for her own bad behavior, and now she wants to lecture parents.

Brace yourselves, because she actually has good advice here. Even a broken clock is right twice per day.

Farrah Abraham has taken to YouTube to offer, of all things, parenting advice.

She characterizes herself as “an ambassador for a global foundation for children around the world.”

In a jarringly accurate statement, Farrah says: “It takes a world to end violence against children.”

Farrah then claims that she is the ideal candidate to bring up this topic.

Why? Because she has gone to therapy and worked on herself.

While those are admirable things to do, we’re a little weirded out that Farrah believes that this has made her “pandemic proof.”

Farrah alleges that fans often ask her for parenting advice.

So she figures that she’ll take this moment to offer up some of her Farrah-style wisdom.

The weird thing is that, her inflated ego aside, the actual advice is … absolutely right and correct.

Farrah notes that, for these past 8 months or so, a lot of families have been cooped up together as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Though many are forced to endanger themselves and their loved ones, a lot of parents are working from home. A lot of children are in remote learning.

Farrah suggests that, to combat the stress that this can cause, people should focus upon their own emotional needs instead of allowing frustration to build.

“When you get frustrated, and you’re forced to spend more time with family than what you’re used to or what you want,” Farrah describes.

She advises: “you need to dig within yourself and take a moment [to ask yourself] what you need.”

Farrah suggests that self-care can be a “building block,” not only for your own happiness but for the well-being of one’s children.

“I really learned that there are just difficult times,” Farrah expresses.

But she says that no matter what is going on, it’s vital for parents to “keep your cool” when it comes to their kids.

“You need to not be a big baby,” Farrah instructs.

Farrah says that people need to be consciously on the lookout for stressors that might alter their moods and, therefore, how they interact with their children.

She recommends that parents and children work together and share how this pandemic lockdown is impacting them.

“I think parents, you ruin your respect, you ruin your love and your kindness with your children when you get abusive, when you get violent,” she says.

Farrah also acknowledges that some parents, themselves the victims of violence that has spanned generations, may not understand that what they do is abusive.

She suggests that parents pause and reflect upon how they speak to and otherwise treat their children.

Honestly, I am not accustomed to hearing Farrah sound so sensible. I spent this whole video waiting for the other shoe to drop. But no, she’s echoing what countless experts have been saying since March — and before that.

Each child is different, Farrah accurately notes, so different communication strategies are best for having a dialogue with different children.

“There’s an art to everything,” Farrah says, “there’s a learning curve for everything.”

“You also have to take into [account] what your children’s needs are,” she says. “One child might be this way, and another child might be that way.”

Farrah also notes that hypocritical parents who demand perfection from their kids but have tantrums themselves are going to make their children’s behavior worse, not better.

“I don’t need to hit my child over a test,” Farrah states. (Or over literally anything, ever)

“I don’t need to cuss or yell or anything else over a test or homework,” she stresses.

“The reason why most parents lose respect from their kids and they don’t listen, and they roll their eyes, and they don’t care what you say,” Farrah opines.

She says that the reason that many parents lose respect “is because you are not accountable on your own accord.”

“And,” Farrah says, “you’re not showing as a leader [what] you’re requesting from your child.”

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