Farfetch plans to pour money into marketing as it takes on Amazon for online luxury shoppers

Good morning and welcome to Insider Advertising for February 2. I’m senior advertising reporter Lauren Johnson, and here’s what’s going on:

  • Farfetch ramps up ad spend.
  • Amazon Web Services’ Andy Jassy’s leadership style.
  • Meet Walgreens chief Roz Brewer.

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An image from Farfetch’s September 2020 ‘Open Doors to a World of Fashion’ ad campaign.Farfetch

High-end fashion seller Farfetch is about to make a big marketing push as it takes on Amazon for luxury shoppers online

  • Lara O’Reilly reports that Farfetch plans to ramp up marketing investment to grow awareness of its brand.
  • The fashion site competes with Amazon, which is increasingly moving into the luxury retail space.
  • Farfetch is particularly spending more in addressable TV advertising.

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Amazon Web Services CEO Andy JassyAmazon

Andy Jassy could be the next CEO of Amazon. Insiders dish on what it’s like to work for Jeff Bezos’ likely successor who built AWS into a $40 billion business.

  • Under CEO Andy Jassy, Amazon Web Services has grown to a $40 billion business.
  • Eugene Kim and Ashley Stewart spoke with over a dozen current and former employees about Jassy’s leadership style.
  • They describe Jassy as obsessed with customer experience, with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ full support.

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Roz Brewer.Jason Redmon/Getty; Skye Gould/Insider

New Walgreens chief Roz Brewer broke barriers to become the only Black female Fortune 500 CEO. Now she faces her toughest challenge yet: winning the vaccine-distribution race.

  • Roz Brewer is set to become the chief executive of Walgreens after stints at Sam’s Club and Starbucks.
  • She’s starting during a critical time as COVID-19 vaccines roll out.
  • The new job will make Brewer the only Black female CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

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