EXCLUSIVE! Tana Mongeau Kicked Out Of Bar For Filming Man Suffering From Alcohol Poisoning!

Tana Mongeau was kicked out of The Abbey, a popular WeHo bar, over the weekend, and we have all the deets!

ICYMI, clips of the star were circulating around the internet on Sunday (below), and while it was hard to tell what had caused the fuss at the hot spot, it was obvious Tana was at the center of it all! (No shocker there…)

But now, an eyewitness has all the EXCLUSIVE details for us on what really went down — even catching the celeb and her friends in an alleged lie!

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According to the source, the internet personality and about “15 friends” were getting belligerent with the staff — and allegedly “running coke on their gums in front of everyone” while at the eatery. But that was just the baseline.

When another customer grew ill from what appeared to be alcohol poisoning, Tana and her crew were incredibly disrespectful. The witness explained the man was passed out and turning “blue” — which was apparently afternoon entertainment for this crew:

“Medics came and her and her friends were making it hard for them to get to the guy. So then they started filming the guy and yelling ‘this is LA baby you never know when someone’s gonna die at a club.’”

OMG… So not OK!! How inconsiderate do you have to be to yell such awful things in the midst of a stranger’s medical emergency? Can you imagine if you heard someone saying that about your friend or loved one? Disgusting.

But even worse, they were actually blocking paramedics who were trying to save the guy’s life?? Wow.

Apparently the other bar attendees were not having it, and the eyewitness even asked the 22-year-old to STFU! They continued:

“I start yelling at her and her friends saying to delete the video and they are all disrespectful bitches!! They refused to delete the video and security steps in and ask to delete the video also. Tana and friends refuse and she starts filming the security guy flicking him off saying ‘f**k you I’m not deleting s**t’.”

That’s when, per the eyewitness, security asked “her and friends to leave” — at which point the spoiled brats refused to pay their tab.

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Insert all the eye rolls here! In the second vid (above), you can see the TikToker speaking to a server while security guards surround the area. It appears as if Bella Thorne‘s ex is actually trying to settle her check, but the source says her card was declined!

“They have her card on file and according to my server it was declined twice. Tana calls Jake Paul and is yelling for him to do something because she is being thrown out. Me and whole chapel are like yelling for them to f**king leave.”

But… it gets worse. She apparently continued to risk the life of the ill man by calling the paparazzi and “blocking the streets”! WHAT?? During the whole ordeal, the content creator and her friends “were refusing to wear their masks,” too! Just because they may have been seated outside, we’re still in the middle of a pandemic and health comes first! But apparently Tana didn’t get that message…

The eyewitness even debunked Lilah Gibney’s claim that the group had been “escorted” out of the bar in good fun. While reposting Tana’s Instagram Story (inset above), Lilah wrote:

“lmao we legit got escorted out of the abbey after this”

But that’s clearly not how it went down given all this scoop! The insider’s final words on that claim were:

“Her friend lilah said on her story they were escorted out… clearly Tana is a bad liar.”

Yikes!! This is all so much worse than the videos initially seemed. Why even take a video of the sick man in the first place? Just so distasteful. Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF in the comments (below)!

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