Euphoria's Lukas Gage catches director insulting his apartment on Zoom audition

Euphoria star Lukas Gage has called out a director who insulted his apartment during a Zoom audition when he thought he was on mute.

Proving that awkward Zoom calls are as prevalent in Hollywood as they are in your office, the 25-year-old shared the cringeworthy excerpt from a remote audition to Instagram.

Lukas, from his apartment, was adjusting his camera and preparing for his scene when the voice of an unidentified male British director began mocking the size of the actor’s apartment, while thinking he had muted his microphone.

The director was heard saying: ‘These poor people live in these tiny apartments. I’m looking at his background and he’s got his TV…’

Side note – if that’s a tiny apartment, then we’re in real trouble.

Lukas handled the situation like a pro, laughing nervously and saying: ‘Ooh, yeah, mute it. I know it’s a s***ty apartment, that’s why, give me this job so I can get a better one.’

Realising he had been caught, the director said: ‘Oh my god, I am so, so sorry Lukas’, with the actor saying: ‘No, it’s totally… listen, I’m living in a 4×4 box, just give me the job and we’ll be fine.’

The director was then heard saying he was ‘mortified’.

Lukas captioned the clip: ‘psa: if youre a s*** talking director make sure to mute ur mic on zoom mtgings [sic]’, and it appears the moment struck a nerve with his actor friends.

Normal People star Paul Mescal commented: ‘What the f***’, while Game Of Thrones actress Sophie Turner wrote: ‘That’s f***ed up.’

Sophie’s husband Joe Jonas said that Lukas handled the moment ‘like a chap’, while Patrick Schwarzenegger commented: ‘I dunno how u reacted so well lol.’

Molly Shannon wrote: ‘You handled that so well lukas. what a lousy thing of him to say. and here you are putting yourself out there for your audition. vulnerable. wanting to get the part etc.’

Mad Men star January Jones said that she ‘had a guess’ as to who the mystery director was, while Shameless actress Emmy Rossum had her own horror story.

She wrote: ‘I think I know that voice. If it’s who I’m thinking, he asked me to “audition” for him once. But not to read a scene. He said he knew I could act. 

‘Just to come into his office in a bikini and do a twirl. No joke. THAT was the ask. My reps wanted to now if I was “fat right now”. I believe I told my agent “tell him no thank you and to go f*** himself”.’

Lukas has yet to reveal the identity of the director, but joked in a comment that he would spill the tea if the video got 100,000 likes – although it is currently at nearly 59,000, so that might take a while.

The Californian star has been acting since he was 18, and is best known for playing Tyler in the award-winning series Euphoria.

Lukas also starred in the Netflix series American Vandal and the Hulu show Love, Victor. 

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