Elle Fanning celebrated her 22nd birthday with a corona-themed cake

How are you Aries kings and queens doing? Have you literally set fire to anything yet? Have you picked a fight with someone and then sat back enigmatically and refused to engage? Are you missing all of the drama and outside communication? And you probably haven’t gotten to celebrate your birthdays out in the world either. I do feel bad about that – so many Aries peeps are celebrating their birthdays in isolation lockdown, baking cakes for themselves. Elle Fanning is an Aries girl. She’s been on lockdown in LA, apparently. From the looks of her Instagram, I don’t even think she’s with anyone in her family – Dakota posted some throwback photos which makes me think that the sisters are not together. And Elle’s mom sent her a corona-themed birthday cake too:

Anyone who knows me knows I loooove strawberries! My mom surprised me with the cutest most hilarious cake all thanks to @bigsugarbakeshop! Strawberry Shortcake celebrates her birthday in style, even during a pandemic! ??????

It’s cute and poor Corona Strawberry Shortcake. I think it’s really sweet that her mom got that for her. But also… of all the “Corona Cakes” out there, why go for that dry-ass fondant? Basically, I’m just using this as an excuse to A) wish all of the Aries peeps a happy birthday and B) talk about sweets and corona cakes. I have been craving sweets during the corona-lockdown, but the last time I went to the grocery store (which felt like a warzone, honestly), I didn’t pick up any cakes. I was more drawn to the brownies, cookies and candy. Are people sitting at home and baking cakes? Or are you supporting local bakeries by ordering corona cakes?

Also, I love this glimpse into Elle’s feminine home. Did she get balloons for herself??

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Some home things

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Some home things

Photos from the Berlin Film Festival in February, courtesy of WENN. Additional photos courtesy of Instagram.

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