Eleanor Tomlinson on close relationship with co-star: You cant name what we have

The Outlaws: Stephen Merchant appears in trailer

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Eleanor Tomlinson stars in BBC’s ‘The Outlaws’, airing its seventh episode tonight, a show which also includes big names such as Christopher Walken and Stephen Merchant. The series follows seven bickering lawbreakers who are forced together on community service, where they discover a bag of cash. But they’re not the only ones after it. Ms Tomlinson has also starred in Poldark, another BBC series in which she played Demelza. She worked closely with Aidan Turner, who played the lead role of Ross in the series in which an American revolutionary tries to rebuild his life.

During an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Ms Tomlinson explained how she had formed a close relationship with her co-star.

She said in 2019: “You can’t name what it is that Aidan and I had.

“It was just there from the first screen test. There’s a lot of love between us and a lot of respect. I’ve spent every day for six months with him for the past five years… you do form this bond.

“We’ve been each other’s support network and that shows. We have a real commitment to each other. We lean on each other to get through it.”

Ms Tomlinson and Mr Turner have never said they are anything other than friends, but in 2017, the Daily Mail quoted one source who thought they seemed like “more than friends”.

The source told the paper: “The chemistry between them was clear to see, she was stroking his arm and they were really close.

“It really looked like more than just a friendship.”

In 2019, after filming the final episode of Poldark, Ms Tomlinson expressed sadness as she said goodbye to the show.

She posted on Instagram: “Life is precious and should not be scorned. The thing is to find some purpose, to go on living.

“Goodbye Poldark. Thank you to the incredible cast and crew that have made this series over the last five years. What a family we are.”

She also posted a video clip of herself shortly after she landed the role.

It was captioned: “It seems only right that I should mark the end of @official_poldark with a video of the beginning. Here I am 2 minutes after that phone call… ‘Eleanor, you got the job!’”

Ms Tomlinson is now focused on her new role in The Outlaws, in which she plays Gabby.

The actress admitted last month that she didn’t do any research before her stint on the show and says she was “clueless”

On being asked whether she did research into her character, an influencer on social media such as Instagram, she admitted: “I see enough of these people on Instagram to know exactly what they’re like.

“But no, I personally don’t follow them, I mean, they couldn’t have picked a more un-tech savvy or un-Instagram savvy actress to play Gabby.

“It really is hilarious, there’s so many moments where Gabby has to record Instagram Live-type videos ‒ and I’ve only ever done one (with a friend who did it).


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“So, I’m completely clueless. I always have to ask the kind of cool members of the group: ‘How does this work?’”

In fact, in her 2019 Harper’s Bazaar interview, Ms Tomlinson discussed her reservations surrounding social media.

She said: “It’s rumours and whispers that I hear. The way Instagram has taken over… it’s a real shame because it encourages people to become image-obsessed, which I don’t agree with.

“There’s a life to be lived outside of your phone and you don’t have to take pictures of everything in order to appreciate life.”

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