Duggars in Distress: Fans Convinced Counting On Has Been Canceled Amid Isolation

All across the country, millions of Americans are feeling uncertain about their future employment situation.

And there’s reason to believe that group may include the Duggar family of Tontitown, Arkansas.

Don’t get us wrong. patriarch Jim Bob will be fine, what with his house-flipping business and car dealerships.

But once again, myriad reports of Counting On getting canceled are circulating on social media this week.

And without the reality show that serves as the foundation of their media empire, the Duggars will be in rough shape.

The latest reports began back in February, as fans noticed that an 11th season of the show had not been announced by TLC.

Counting On ratings have been on the decline for years, and this was widely taken as a sign that the show was on life support.

Earlier this month, however, fans received some unexpected good news.

It seems the Duggars are filming Counting On Season 11 in some capacity. But will this be the show’s farewell season?

Fans are convinced that’s indeed the case, and low ratings aren’t the only sign of trouble in the Natural State.

Many believe the biggest indication that the Duggar kids are planning a future without TLC is altogether different:

The family is newly, and surprisingly fixated … on web content.

For most of their adult lives, the Duggar children have adhered to strict guidelines – in every regard, including what they’re allowed to do online and post on their social media pages.

Now, it appears that all restrictions have been lifted.

These days, everything from big announcements in their lives to minor slice-of-life moments end up on Instagram or YouTube.

Recent milestones like Jessa Duggar wearing pants for the first time went straight from the Duggars’ living rooms to their fans.

All without TLC acting as intermediary, or Jim Bob intervening.

The situation has many viewers convinced that the Duggars have been given the go-ahead to produce their own content.

Is this because their days of reality stardom are over?

It’s not such a tremendous leap, particularly as moments like Joy-Anna’s pregnancy were left in the youngster’s hands.

In the past, such events would be at the center of a special episode, and/or an Exclusive spread in People magazine.

These days, the next generation of Duggars make the announcements themselves via Instagram and that’s about it. 

Of course, there’s another possibility here.

It could be that filming for Counting On, like everything else has been put on hiatus due to the coronavirus epidemic.

The Duggars may be focused on their own content only on a temporary basis out of necessity until the pandemic subsides.

Who knows.

In any event, their ratings remain at an all-time low, and it seems unlikely that TLC will be willing to shell out much longer.

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