Dua Lipa Reveals She Slid Into This Celebrity’s DMs

Dua Lipa made a big reveal…she slid into Anwar Hadid‘s DMs! Dua and Anwar are now dating, so it seemed to work perfectly!

On Watch What Happens Live!, Andy Cohen asked Dua and Lena Dunham if they had ever slid into a celeb’s DMs and asked them to name who if they wanted to reveal that info.

“I have a confession to make…mine was my boyfriend, so my current boyfriend,” Dua revealed. “I definitely did that.”

She did add that they met beforehand, writing, “No, we actually met at a barbecue. But then it carried on onto DMs.”

Lena, meanwhile, admitted she slid into one of the Skarsgard brothers DMs and doesn’t remember which one it was!

Find out when Dua and Anwar first confirmed their romance!

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