Dr. Phil Says Coronavirus Panic Puts Hypochondriacs at Increased Risk

Dr. Phil says folks who constantly fear getting sick are probably more at risk to contract coronavirus than the average Joe … but not because of the virus itself.

The good doc came on ‘TMZ Live’ Wednesday to talk about what’s now a global pandemic and its effect on hypochondria. First off, he dropped some knowledge … it’s now called illness anxiety disorder, and he says people suffering from it are in “their perfect storm.”

Phil says the wall-to-wall media coverage of coronavirus not only affirms their worst fears, it actually exacerbates the problem. Watch the clip … he explains why their immune systems could be compromised by the panic.

Howie Mandel — who’s not a hypochondriac, but famously a germophobe — showed up for ‘AGT’ Tuesday looking like most folks with illness anxiety disorder probably feel right about now.

Even more bad news … Dr. Phil says it’s near impossible now to convince them things aren’t as bad as they seem.

Yeah, we could all use a big ol’ dose o’ Hakuna Matata right about now.

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