Democrats will remove QAnon Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from committees

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, aka QAnon Karen, is from an overwhelmingly white district in Georgia. She ran unopposed in the general election, but there was a heated primary, where some of her QAnon-conspiracy interests came to light. At the time, the Georgia GOP and the national party just kind of shrugged their shoulders. I guess there was an assumption that they couldn’t do much about it if Georgia voters wanted the ridiculous Jewish Space Lasers woman to represent them. The fact that she threatens and harasses victims of school shootings is probably a big bonus for the party. Now that she’s in the House and she’s likely planning to murder Democrats in person, suddenly there’s a big problem. I mean, the national Republican Party still isn’t doing anything about her. But House Democrats are going to try to at least block her from committees:

Top House Democrats are moving to force Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene off multiple committees this week — with or without Kevin McCarthy’s help. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer delivered an ultimatum to McCarthy on Monday: Either Republicans move on their own to strip Greene (R-Ga.) of her committee assignments within 72 hours, or Democrats will bring the issue to the House floor.

The Democrats’ move, while highly unusual, comes amid intense fury within the Democratic Caucus over Greene’s long record of incendiary rhetoric, including peddling conspiracy theories that the nation’s deadliest mass shootings were staged. Greene also endorsed violence against Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other top Democrats before she was elected to Congress. Last week, Greene was officially awarded seats on the House Education and Labor Committee and the House Budget Committee.

Republicans, meanwhile, have been slow to act, with McCarthy saying only he’s planning to have a “conversation” with Greene about the mounting controversies sometime this week. The meeting between McCarthy and Greene has still not been scheduled, but could take place as early as Tuesday evening. And Greene has shown zero contrition for her past actions, tweeting over the weekend that she will “never apologize.” She also took a jab at Hoyer on Twitter Monday and revealed plans to travel to Florida “soon” to meet with former President Donald Trump, who she said supports her “100 percent.”

Democrats are already teeing up potential floor action if McCarthy doesn’t act, scheduling a Rules Committee hearing for Wednesday afternoon on a resolution to strip Greene of her committee posts.

Some Republicans are privately warning of a dangerous new precedent if Democrats make a determination about who from the minority party is best fit to serve on committees, opening up the potential for a tit-for-tat between the two parties — especially if Republicans win back the House in two years. But while Democrats privately acknowledge their action is controversial, they say Greene’s behavior and rhetoric must be addressed forcefully.

[From Politico]

Politico goes on to quote some Dems in House leadership who say that other options are on the table beyond removing Greene from committees – she could be censured or even expelled, although those moves would probably be a lot harder. The whole thing about House Republicans “privately warning of a dangerous new precedent” if Democrats remove an absolutely violent, threatening, crazy person from her committee positions is… not the threat they think it is. Greene is a danger to herself and others. She’s actively plotting to hurt people and incite further violence at the Capitol. If anything, Democrats are helping weak, spineless Republicans from themselves.

Last Friday, we also learned that Rep. Cori Bush had to move her House office to get away from Greene after Greene (who was maskless) threatened her and her staff.

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