Demi Moore's Therapist Warned Her Against Marrying Emilio Estevez: 'If You Marry Him, You're Going To Ruin Your Life'

Demi Moore and Emilio Estevez met in 1985 on the set of St. Elmo’s Fire. After only six months of knowing each other, they decided to get engaged. Being follow Brat Pack members, the two instantly connected. And although there were many beautiful moments throughout their courtship, Moore eventually had to break off her engagement with Estevez. She was told by her therapist, “If you marry him, you’re going to ruin your life.”  

Demi Moore fell in love with Emilio Estevez on set

Moore has referred to Emilio Estevez as her “first love.” She fell for his kind, generous nature and adored his family as well. (Estevez is a part of the Sheen clan.) Because Moore came from an extremely chaotic family where there were no rules or structure, she appreciated the Sheens because they had a “no-nonsense” attitude. 

Moore reveals in an interview with Howard Stern that the Sheens were “intoxicating” to be around. The whole thing was definitely intoxicating,” she said. “Seeing something that was very clearly different than what I had, and they were these formidable figures. They had influence and guidance. I just really appreciated how they were.” 

Demi Moore was told that she would ‘ruin’ her whole life if she married Emilio Estevez

In the honeymoon stage of their relationship, Estevez and Moore seemed perfect together. Yet as time went on, The Breakfast Club actor began having affairs with other women. (He even got one of his ex girlfriend’s pregnant.) And because of his behavior, Moore was starting to lose the trust she once had for him. 

After hearing about his affairs, she went to a therapist to talk it out. Her therapist blatantly told Moore that marrying the actor would be one huge mistake. She said, “Ordinarily, I prefer for a patient to come to an understanding on her own. But I don’t have time to let that happen, so I just have to tell you: If you marry him the way things are right now, you’re going to ruin your life.”

The therapist then suggested that Estevez tag along for one of their sessions. She wanted to meet him so he could “communicate his priorities directly, in person.” 

Moore says, “He was pretty resistant, but he finally did make the trip. And when he revealed his priorities in that session- you’d be shocked to hear- I was pretty low on the list. I postponed the wedding indefinitely.” 

Demi Moore and Emilio Estevez are still good friends despite their breakup

Moore has a habit of staying close friends with her exes. (She is notably great friends with her ex-husband, Bruce Willis.) And as for her relationship with Estevez, the two had a civil split, despite Estevez’s desperate attempts to win her back. They would continue to hang out and attend parties together, even though they were no longer a couple. Estevez and Moore would even go on to star in the 2006 film Bobby alongside each other. In an interview with ABC News, Moore said of Estevez that she “has a lot of respect for him.”  

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