Demi Lovato Switched Out Their Signature Pixie Mullet for a Shaggy Long Lob

Late last year (post-Christmas and pre-New Year, to be more precise), Demi Lovato made a “fresh start” with a brand new buzz cut hairstyle. And not only did Instagram and Twitter fans approve but we certainly did, too – it really was such a look.

Ever since the singer debuted their new hair look, we’ve been early observing from afar to see how they were going to grow it out. I mean, with a fresh start and a blank canvas, anything is possible! To no surprise, we were not let down as the buzz cut soon turned into a pixie mullet, which is also known as a wolf cut, thanks to TikTok. Side note: this was also such a look.

However, just as we were getting used to the mullet, Demi only went and changed up the look once again with their most recent IG post. Oh, and if you are yet to scroll through your morning dose of the ‘Gram, then look no further because they’ve only gone and got a long shabby bob. And yep, you guessed it, this is also another look that we love. Is there anything Demi can’t pull off?

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It’s giving what it’s meant to be giving, aka punk rock vibes. As Demi puts it in their caption: “❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥”.

Paired with a statement red graphic eye look and a nude overlined lip, Demi has stunned us all once again. So much so, that fans flooded the comments section with compliments galore.

One person wrote: “MOMMY ???? SORRY !!!!! MOMMY !!!”.

Whilst friend and beauty mogul, La Demi commented: “Cut it the f*ck out ❤️‍🔥”.

Finally, another reads: “Beyond gorge-gina 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥”.

I think the latter sums the look up to a T.

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