Death in Paradises Ralf Little overwhelmed by fan support on latest venture

Ralf Little calls RSPCA for sickly fox

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Ralf Little, 42, has made a name for himself on TV starring in The Royle Family, Two Pints of Lager and most recently Death in Paradise. The actor has wanted to personally thank his fans for their support on his latest venture, after his own adopted dog sadly passed away in a car accident.

I have been overwhelmed!

Ralf Little

In connection with Love Your Pet Day, Ralf has let all of the funds raised from his Cameo go to Battersea Cats and Dog Home.

In connection with Project Galgo, Ralf has used his platform to send a message about the treatment of animals.

Since the funds raised from Cameo have gone to animal charities, Ralf wanted to thank his fans for their help.

He said: “I have been overwhelmed by how much the Death In Paradise fans have responded to my stint on the show, and doing this is a wonderful way to connect with them.

“I hope many of them will get in touch so I can say hi, give them a shout out, and together we can try and make a difference for these poor animals in desperate need.”

Ralf recently raised £25,000 for stray dogs in the Caribbean after his own adopted dog sadly died in a car accident.

Speaking about his work with Project Galgo and Cameo, he said: “I became a patron of Project Galgo after learning about the horrific treatment of Spanish greyhounds – ‘Galgos’ and ‘Podencos’.

“There is a very cruel custom amongst some Spanish hunters, or ‘Galgueros,’ that destroys more than 50,000 Galgos every year, and many of these dogs are tortured (yes, literally tortured) if they were considered to hunt poorly over the season.

“The reasoning given is that the torture will ‘wash away the shame’ of having hunted badly.”

He continued: “Needless to say, it is horrifying and barbaric, and Project Galgo works tirelessly to fight this practice and rescue as many Galgos as they can.

“Visit to find out more about their work (but please be advised, it is distressing, which makes it all the more important).”

Ralf took to Instagram to announce the tragic passing of his own dog in December.

The star had been in the process of adopting the dog in Guadeloupe while filming Death in Paradise.

He said in the video: “Hey everyone, I’m still in the Caribbean. I’m actually on holiday in St. Martin before I head back to the UK for Christmas.

“And… I’m sorry but this is going to be quite a long video.”

Ralf said he and his partner Lindsay had decided to adopt Suzy rather than finding her a home to go to because “she was too gorgeous to give away”, but that the dog had been staying with friends while Ralf and Lindsay were on holiday.”

The actor continued: “I’m so sorry to say that a couple of days ago we had a call to say that in a split second while our friend’s front door was open, Suzy bolted out which she never does.

“I don’t know why she would do it and she ended up on the road and she was hit by a car and she was killed instantly.

“Normally something like this would be kept private but since so many of you invested in Suzy, invested time and care and attention to her progress, it seems only right to break the news properly.”

Ralf ended the video by pleading with his followers to put forward donations to a rescue dog charity in Suzy’s memory via Ralf’s Go Fund Me page to help other animals who are left stray and abandoned.

In celebration of Love Your Pet Day, from today, proceeds amassed from bookings for the Death in Paradise star Ralf Little will be donated to Battersea Cats and Dogs Home, an animal charity incredibly close to his heart. You can book your very own Ralf Little personalised message on the Cameo platform.

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