David Beckham spotted with dramatically thinner hair on shopping trip two years after hair transplant rumours

David Beckham has been known for his ever-changing hairstyles over the years, from his blond mohawk to his long middle-parted hairdo.

Then, in 2017 David’s hair became noticeably thinner. The former Manchester United player later sparked reports he had a hair transplant after his locks soon appeared thicker in an advert for his whiskey brand Haig Club in October 2018 and thereafter.

Recently while during lockdown, the 45 year old recently stunned fans after having a buzz cut while in isolation.

And, weeks after having his locks chopped off, former footballer David has been spotted with drastically thinner hair while his lockdown hair cut begins to grow out.

David Beckham was spotted with drastically thinner hair, especially on the top of his head, as he embarked on a shopping trip in the Cotswolds on Sunday.

The back of Beck’s head also appeared to show signs of thinning as he headed to his classic green Land Rover with his eight year old daughter Harper.

Since having his head shaved last month, David had been wearing hats as in the photos and videos which he shared of himself on his Instagram.

But, he was without a hat as he loaded goods into the back of his car.

David was seen wearing a white polo top, which he covered with a red jumper and paired with brown shorts and white trainers as he climbed into his classic green car with a brown soft top.

David rocked a rugged look as he headed on the outing, as his beard helped to define his face while he stepped out.

Dad of four David’s hair appears to have flecks of grey in places as well as being thinner around the top and back of his head as he was photographed in Burford in the Cotswolds on Sunday.

The photos, which show David and Harper on a shopping trip, come two years after Becks was reported to have had a hair transplant after he was photographed with noticeably thicker locks in an advert for his whisky brand Haig Club in October 2019.

David, who is reportedly planning to launch a charitable campaign to save his and his wife Victoria’s reputation, hopped in his classic car with his daughter Harper sitting next to him.

He looked deep in concentration following the pair’s shopping trip.

David manoeuvred the car while he sat talking to his daughter, who was looking up intently at her doting dad.

The father and daughter then drove back towards their home in the Cotswolds, where they are currently spending lockdown with Victoria, Romeo and Cruz.

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