D’Arcy Carden is ‘watching so much TV in the day that we blacked out the windows’

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Sometimes I’ll watch a ten minute interview and there will be absolutely no interesting quotes from a celebrity. That wasn’t the case with D’Arcy Carden’s interview on Conan! She said so many interesting things I didn’t know what to put in the title. I know D’Arcy from The Good Place, she’s 40 (I looked it up as Conan said she was too young to remember Cheers) but I thought she was mid-30s tops. She’s living in LA with her husband of ten years, producer Jason Carden, and their giant black dog named Penny. You can see Penny at about minute 3 in the video below. I’m loving seeing all the celebrity pets in these interviews. D’Arcy said that she and her husband are drinking every night, that they’re watching a lot of TV and have blacked out the windows for that, and that wearing a mask has made her both friendlier and more willing to call people out.

On what she’s doing
I’m not an essential worker in any sense of the word and I don’t have kids so I’m doing a lot of cooking, eating, television watching and dog walking.

It’s so funny how a dog walk is one of the biggest parts of our day. When there’s so little to do it becomes one of the biggest parts of our day.

The mask is making her bolder
I am friendly in normal life, but the mask has given me this boldness. I cannot pass a person without greeting them in some way. There was a guy playing the saxophone beautifully and I yelled across the park ‘sounds good sir.’ I’ve never said sir to anyone in my whole life.

The boldness goes both ways. The other day I saw four guys together, none of them wearing masks. I was like ‘this doesn’t check out. What are you brothers? Do ya’ll live together?’ I could tell they’re not roommates.

She’s drinking every night
I am drinking a lot. There’s normal life and then there’s quarantine life. We’re not doing any day drinking, but the second it becomes dark we’re drinking every night. It’s cocktails, it’s wine, we’re cooking. It’s so much a part of our schedule now that if I have things to do my brain is like ‘you have to do this during the light hours because you will be drunk tonight.’ That’s just the quarantine life, we have to go easy on ourselves.

On what she’s watching now
We are watching so much TV during the day that we blacked out the windows in our house. We binged Succession, Unorthodox, Tiger King. Every single night during dinner time we watch one episode of Cheers. I told the rest of the cast [on The Good Place] to watch [Cheers] now after having spent four years working with and loving Ted Danson. It’s such an interesting thing to go back and watch the show that made him who he is. Everybody knows Ted Danson is hot as hell, but he’s a different level of sexy on Cheers.

[From Team Coco on Youtube]

That’s so cute that she’s watching old episodes of Cheers and appreciating how hot Ted Danson was in the 80s. My son wanted to see Cheers so I watched a few episodes with him last year. It struck me as super sexist and like they were setting up the Diane character to be the feminist shrew so they could knock her down. There were decent plots though, and I loved Woody Harrelson’s character, oh and Coach, played by Nicholas Colasanto (RIP).

I was considering making that line about drinking every night the title, but I know there are people who are not alcoholics and who are just drinking more because it’s become part of their routine like she mentioned. However when I was drinking I always knew that I wouldn’t be able to drive or get anything done at night. Also I related to her on being more friendly to people when she’s wearing a mask. I say hi to more people too. I have a goofy mask from Etsy with smiling cartoon cats on it and that helps.

As for watching more TV, a lot of people who aren’t working as much now are doing that. I’m working more as I’ve always been at home and am trying to get more done now. My TV watching has lessened actually, but I’m also so less tolerant of shows than I was before. I don’t want to see a-hole teenagers being pithy and smart, and I don’t want to see people doing all the things we used to be able to do. I want a show to take me to another world and place where I can forget all this, so I prefer shows set in a specific time. I am loving Belgravia and I binged Little Fires Everywhere. I started off liking Succession, which she mentioned, but after a few episodes I hated all the characters and didn’t want to keep watching. Unorthodox looks good though I should give that a shot.

Here’s that interview!

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