Danni Menzies was convinced she’d be fired after first A Place In The Sun appearance

A Place in the Sun: Danni Menzies thought she would be sacked

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The 32-year-old spoke candidly about her struggles before becoming a household name, mentioning that she had battled with self-esteem issues and anxiety throughout her life and often believed she wasn’t good enough. Despite this, however, Danni Menzies was determined to make the most out of the opportunity of getting to present A Place In The Sun.

I’m definitely going to get a phone call saying that they changed their mind

Danni Menzies

Yet she firmly believed she wasn’t going to be invited back for a second taping because she considered herself to be no good for the role.

“When I first started, I was so filled with anxiety, and just had no self-worth. I was fooling myself,” Danni revealed.

“I was faking it. The whole thing. I was like, ‘You’re confident, you can do this.’ And that’s kind of what I did my whole life after being depressed.

“I was just like, ‘Pretend you’re someone else. Fake it. The more you pretend it, eventually that’ll actually be how you feel.’”

Danni added that while she didn’t have much confidence in herself to believe she could step into the TV presenting gig full-time, she applied the “fake it until you make it” aphorism long enough to convince producers she was the right person for the job.

“And that’s what I kept telling myself. And the nice thing is, it’s true. I do feel like that now.

“But for a long time, I felt like it was imposter syndrome — I wanted to do it and was determined to do it, but thought I was rubbish, and I was always waiting for the call to be fired.

“After my first show aired, I was like, ‘I’m definitely going to get a phone call saying that they changed their mind because I’m terrible’.”

In the same interview with the Headstrong podcast, Danni also touched on quitting university due to the severe depression she faced after the sudden death of an ex-boyfriend and a brutal head injury, leaving her unable to see correctly for weeks.

After leaving her studies, she sought comfort from her parents back in Scotland, but the demise of her former flame had left her in such a fragile state, she stopped eating “because I didn’t want to be here anymore”.

“I would never have done anything to hurt myself, I couldn’t do that, but I was mentally at a point where I just didn’t want to be here anymore,” she stated.

Through counselling and regular visits to a local religious community, the TV personality eventually found the strength to focus her attention on bettering her mental health.

After the interview was released, Danni took to Instagram, telling her 83,000 followers that her reasons for coming clean about her past were in an effort to help those who may be struggling with mental health issues of their own.

“It’s taken me a long time to feel comfortable covering these topics, and I hope that anyone who listens that might be having a tough time gets something out of this,” she told her fans.

“Things are not always easy and sometimes our biggest challenges can be within. Thanks @louisstrong for having me on.”

Danni’s fans appeared very appreciative of her candid conversation, with one fan, hattonview, writing: “Brilliant Dani so open and honest you will help so many people. Love you on place in the sun.”

Another fan, lou_fight2bfit, echoed similar words, writing: “What a brilliant listen. So open and I think you’re a lovely genuine lady”

Danni recently made headlines after some viewers claimed she “dresses like a hooker” on the Channel 4 programme.

She jokingly responded to the comments by asking for any stylists on social media to give her a helping hand with her outfits.

“So apparently I dress like a hooker… Any stylists out there wanna help a sister out?” she quipped.

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