Dancing On Ice’s injuries: from broken bones to epic bloody falls

Since it first splashed onto British television screens back in 2006, there have been countless falls, mishaps, wardrobe malfunctions and worst of all – gruesome injuries.

Before the contestants sign up to the hit ITV show, they're also signing up to something much more serious – the potential for injury.

Over the past 11 series, viewers have seen celebrities bang their heads on the ice after a brutal fall or slip, they've seen smashed ribs, and even stars slicing their own heads open.

Philip Schofield didn't label Dancing On Ice the most dangerous show on television for nothing.

The latest season has already seen Joe Swash's get his ear kicked in by his dance partner Alex Murphy, but there have been much worse cases over the years.

Joe Swash rushed to hospital after being kicked in the ear

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Former EastEnders actor Joe Swash, is the latest victim of a Dancing On Ice mishap.

The 38-year-old is gearing up for the grand final this Sunday night, but has been hit with a serious spout of bad luck.

The actor and presenter was rushed to hospital for an emergency operation after being accidentally kicked in the ear by his Dancing On Ice partner Alex Murphy.

Joe was practicing his routine for this weekend's long-awaited final when the brutal injury forced him off the ice.

Taking to his Instagram stories to explain the situation, Joe explained that he and Alex were practising their routine when her skate kicked him straight in the ear, leaving him with a 'cauliflower ear'.

He continued: "Then it go infected which meant last night I had to get rushed to hospital and have an operation on it and cut it open and drain out all the gooey stuff."

Jennifer Ellison slices her head open with her own skate

In the 2012 series, Jennifer Ellison suffered one of the most gruesome and shocking injuries ever seen on Dancing On Ice.

The former Brookside star was in the midst of attempting a ‘scorpion kick’, which consisted of her having to extend one leg towards the back of her head.

Although the 35-year-old mastered the move in numerous rehearsal sessions, when it came to the live performance, bad luck had it's way with her.

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In one of the most shocking moments in Dancing On Ice history, Jennifer sliced the back of her head with her own blade.

Despite the fact there was blood pouring through her blonde locks, the professional managed to finish off her routine before medics and emergency services rushed to her aid.

She wasn't awarded the sympathy vote however, as she only received a score of 19.

Anthony Cotton fractures his ribs after Brandee Malto lands on him

In 2018, Anthony Cotton received a painful injury after his dance partner Brandee Malto landed on top of him.

During his live routine, the Coronation Street actor tripped and fell, but to make things worse, he dragged his partner down on top of him.

The actor suffered two broken ribs after the incident and admitted that he was terrified due to the fact he couldn't breath.

Speaking on This Morning after the blunder, Anthony revealed: "The worst part was I couldn’t breathe. It happened so fast.

The 43-year-old was rushed to hospital to be treated for the unfortunate injury, but decided to keep skating despite the pain.

In a statement following his hospital visit, the Corrie star insisted :" The show must go on.

"Hopefully the painkillers and sequins will see me through.”

Jorgie Porter slices Matt Evers head open with skate

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In one of the most jaw-dropping moments from the 2012 series, Jorgie Porter sliced Matt Evers head.

The Hollyoaks actress looked devastated when she managed to slice open her partner's face in the dress rehearsal of her routine to Bring Me To Life.

Wrapping her legs around Matt Evers' neck for the dangerous stunt, Jorgie slipped and sent her skate blade straight across Matt's forehead.

The professional dancer was rushed to hospital and was quickly stitched up.

The star still performed the routine, but it was obvious the incident left both completely shaken, and their live routine was a very careful ordeal.

Thankfully, the live performance went a hell of a lot better than their bloody dress rehearsal.

Beth Tweeddle almost knocks herself out

Former Olympic gymnast Beth Tweddle won the eighth series of Dancing on Ice in 2013.

The champion however, did not win the title without facing her fair share of injuries.

While attempting an almost impossible move known as the Whirlybird, the athlete was spun around by partner Daniel Whiston.

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The trick ended in tears when Beth fell and smashed her head against the ice after the pair lost their grip on one another.

Professional skaters Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean rushed over to see how she was doing, but Tweddle insisted she was “fine.”

The star quickly gathered herself together and got back on the ice immediately, despite being incredibly dizzy.

Keith Chegwin breaks his shoulder and cracks three of his ribs

The late great Keith Chegwin appeared on the 2012 version of the show, and endured a rough time after a bad fall.

As he eagerly stepped out onto the ice for the first day of rehearsals, the star immediately slipped and fell.

The unfortunate mishap ended in Keith cracking three ribs and he also broke his shoulder in three places.

The incident meant that Keith was forced to pull out of the competition in one of the shortest journeys ever seen on Dancing On Ice.

At the time, the star was left devastated by the incident.

“I wanted so much to be part of the show and part of the team. ” he tearfully said at the time.

He didn't let it stop him though, as he made an epic comeback for the 2013 edition of the show.

Keith put on an impressive show for a number of weeks before he was seventh to be eliminated.

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