Cops Suspended After Disabled Man Dumped from Wheelchair in Cape Town

Two cops in South Africa are under fire after they were recorded on video practically assaulting a disabled man … with one cop shown throwing the man out of his wheelchair.

The disturbing incident played out Thursday in Cape Town where the man in the wheelchair, Zwelenkosi Ngidi, found himself in a tense confrontation with 2 cops at the Central Police Station.

You can see tensions reached a tipping point after one of the cops appears to stop Ngidi from moving by putting his foot on the wheelchair. Then all hell breaks loose… with the second cop coming from behind and violently tipping the wheelchair over … causing Ngidi to fall out of his wheelchair. The cop pushes the wheelchair away … leaving Ngidi on the ground confused as hell before someone else picks him up and puts him back in the wheelchair.

You hear someone in the crowd yell, “Why are you doing this to the old man?” It’s unclear what triggered the standoff between Ngidi and the cops or why he was there.

Either way … Cape Town Mayor Dan Plato wasn’t having it, announcing the cops would be suspended pending an investigation. Plato said, “I want to apologize unreservedly to the member of the public for what he experienced.” The mayor added, “The manner in which this situation was handled is not what we expect from our staff.”

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