Claire Spivey: Justin Duggar’s Older Girlfriend Introduced to Counting On Fans!

Well, it finally happened.

The Duggars have been teasing a courtship announcement for weeks, and on last night’s episode of Counting On, they made it official.

Granted, they basically let the cat out of the bag a full week ago, and everyone who watched the show correctly guessed that Justin Duggar is the one who’s courting, but still …

Now, it’s confirmed  — and viewers have gotten the chance to know a bit about Justin’s courtship partner, Claire Spivey.

Justin reveled that he was courting Claire on Tuesday, a few hours before the episode aired.

Yes, for a family that’s been in the spotlight for well over a decade, the Duggars sure are bad at this “big reveal” stuff.

Anyway, despite the fact that Jim Bob thinks the coronavirus is hoax, the Duggars have been following social media guidelines (at least while the cameras are rolling), and so, Justin shared the news with his family during a video conference.

Most of the clan was in Arkansas, but Justin was in Texas, home of his new love interest — and likely future wife — Claire Spivey.

“I actually do have some news for the family. And I figure while we’re all together I can introduce someone to you guys,” Justin told his digitally-assembled siblings.

“This is Claire and we are now in an official relationship.”

Justin elaborated in a segment in which he spoke to viewers directly: 

“My big announcement is I’m in a relationship with Claire Spivey,” he said.

“Claire is 19 and I am 17. Me and Claire met at a family conference not too long ago. It was several months after, I talked with her dad and asked if I could start a relationship with her.”

Now, a two-year age difference isn’t normally a big deal, but a lot can happen between the ages of 17 and 19.

It’s not like Duggar couples are always the exact same age, but the man in the relationship is usually older than the woman, and since Jim Bob is usually the one to set these things up, that’s probably by design.

Jim Bob is usually obsessed with interrogating young male courters and ensuring that they’ll be able to provide for their partners, so he must be very confident in Justin’s abilities.

“She’s really outgoing and very sweet and nice,” Justin continued.

“Even though we can’t go out to eat all the time or maybe go bowling or something, I think there’s other ways we found, just spending that quality time together, maybe it’s back at home with the family,” he added.

“We try to be creative and find other ways.”

Justin went on to say that while the Duggar and Spivey families have known one another for decades, his affection for Claire caught him completely off guard:

“God brought Claire in my life and I wasn’t really expecting it, but he brought her along right when I needed her,” he said.

“Ever since then, I just knew that she was the one,” Justin added.

“Claire has a lot of good qualities and I can sit here and tell you all of them, but there are so many good things that Is see in her. I’m so blessed to have her in my life.”

“She has a lot of good of qualities, I just don’t feel like naming them” isn’t the most ringing endorsement, but thankfully, Claire was a bit more eloquent in her remarks.

“Justin and I’s families have known each other for over 20 years so before he or I were even born, and then we got connected last year,” she said.

“I’m really looking forward to the memories to come spent with him. I’m excited to see what the Lord holds for us in the near future,” Spivey added.

“I’m so thankful for the man of God that he is. Whether we are in person, or long distance, he cherishes and loves me unconditionally,” Claire continued.

“His example to me and all he meets, is unlike any other. I am the most blessed woman on earth to be in a relationship you. I’ll love you forever.”

So there you have it — the fourteenth child of Jim Bob and Michelle will likely be the next to tie the knot.

Duggar courtships don’t always end in marriage — Josiah Duggar broke up with Marjorie Jackson before marrying Lauren Swanson — but the vast majority of them do.

Usually, this happens in a matter of months, but Justin and Claire might find their plans being placed on hold by the pandemic.

After all, it’s not a true Duggar wedding unless a couple thousand of Jim Bob’s closest friends are in attendance!

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