Chris Evans slams politicians for being unprepared for interviews: Hard to believe it!

Ruth Davidson outlines rules she stuck by while in politics

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Chris Evans, 55 is used to interviewing fellow celebrities and, in some cases politicians, and he knows when someone is unprepared for the kind of questions that are going to be asked. So when he heard Scottish politician Ruth Davidson reveal she believes it’s important for MPs to speak the truth passionately even if people disagree with them; it was like a breath of fresh air for him.

It’s hard to believe that the think it isn’t!

Chris Evans

She told Chris: “You don’t have to understand the intricacy of a policy to understand whether somebody’s lying to you or not, frankly!

“Or whether they believe what they say or whether they’re passionate about it.

“I always took that with me, even if people didn’t agree with me or I wasn’t popular, it’s better to say and to explain why I believe this, why I believe this is right and why we should do this.”

Ruth went on to explain that even those who do disagree will have “respect” because “they’ll be able to tell by the way you talk about stuff that you care”.

“And that’s what we want in a politician! Or that’s what I’ve thought we want,” she shrugged before revealing that if she “stuck to those rules” she would “be OK” in the politics game.

Chris said it was “fantastic” to hear her say she believes it’s important for MPs to be as prepared as they can be for interviews.

“It’s fantastic to hear you say that!” he chuckled.

“What I think is crazy and, a lot of people listening I presume will think the same thing, is that some politicians think we wouldn’t spot that stuff?

“And they’re so in the echo chamber that they’re happy to tow the party line even if the party line doesn’t make any sense. Or clearly say things they’re not fully briefed on because it is so obvious!

“It’s hard to believe they think it isn’t!”

Elsewhere, Chris recalled an incident that happened at the BBC studios during his time presenting Radio 2.

He touched on the subject with his co-hosts Vassos Alexander and Rachel Horne on his Virgin Radio Breakfast Show.

The trio were talking about microwave licenses as there was no such equipment near their studio.

Chris said: “You have to get a license for each floor and that’s why they are all on the 14th.”

Vassos, shocked that a microwave license was a thing, questioned the presenter on it.

Chris replied: “Yeah I know it’s true. I’ve still got PTSD from my BBC microwave… experience.”

Both co-hosts questioned Chris about the incident and he was reluctant to tell them what went on.

Rachel asked: “What happened? Did you explode something in the microwave?”

Chris murmured: “Maybe…”

After more persistent questioning, he finally gave in and told them of his error: “Just put a baked potato in the microwave… for five hours.”

The trio burst into hysterics, with Vassos sounding like he had spat out in laughter.

Chris carried on telling the story, saying: “Was meant to be five minutes and then I forgot about it.

“Five hours and I didn’t know, beep beep beep. One zero too many.”

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