Caroline Flack's friend Lou Teasdale remembers star after 'crazy two months'

Caroline Flack has been remembered by her close friend two months after her death.

The Love Island presenter, 40, died by suicide back in February.

In a poignant post on Instagram, celebrity stylist Lou Teasdale shared a picture of her and Caroline laughing together in a bath.

She followed it up with a picture of herself at home, as so many people are during the coronavirus pandemic.

Sitting on a large bed, the hairstylist looks out towards the camera with her chin in one hand.

Lou reflected on a ‘crazy two months’ and paid tribute to those who have lost loved ones to the virus.

She said: ‘Two months have gone by what a crazy two months and how the world has changed. I think about you all day everyday.

‘How are we supposed to move on when time is frozen. – Sorry to all those dealing with grief rn…we’ll all get together as soon as this is over.

‘I know all I needed was friends and family around me and I felt ok so I can’t imagine what all the people are going through who are losing people to this virus. Lots of love from us.’

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