Britney Spears' dad Jamie spotted after star's conservatorship hearing

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EXCLUSIVE: Jamie Spears has been spotted for the first time since his daughter Britney Spears’ bombshell testimony.

Last week, the 39-year-old “Toxic” singer addressed the court for the first time since 2019 regarding her conservatorship and requested that the judge terminate it.

The pop star alleged that the conservatorship was “abusive” and left her “traumatized.” She also claimed that she has been barred from removing contraception from her body despite wanting to have another child, among other accusations.

“I just want my life back,” she said. “All I want is to own my money and for my boyfriend to be able to drive me in his car. I want to sue my family.”

“I am not happy,” she added. “I can’t sleep. I’m so angry, it’s insane. And I’m depressed. My dad and anyone involved in this conservatorship, including my management … they should be in jail.”

In pictures obtained by Fox News since the explosive testimony, Jamie, 68, was seen recently pumping gas and purchasing a pair of drinks.

For the outing, Jamie wore a grey t-shirt supporting the company Wiseco Pistons. He also donned sunglasses, a grey hat, grey shorts and socks with sandals. At one point, he was seen holding a $100 dollar bill.

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    A frail-looking Jamie Spears is spotted grabbing smoothies and pumping gas following shocking allegations about his ‘abusive’ conservatorship over superstar daughter Britney. (MEGA)

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    Jamie, 68, refused to answer questions about his daughter’s claims as he pumped gas after leaving a Smoothie King on the outskirts of rural Kentwood, Louisiana. (MEGA)

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    He was seen wearing a grey Wiseco Pistons t-shirt, baggy shorts, blue Adidas socks and black flip flops. (MEGA)

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    The father-of-three lives in a motor home in a storage facility parking lot. On the facility is a warehouse that stores much of the memorabilia amassed over the course of Britney’s career.  (MEGA)

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    Britney, 39, has jetted to Hawaii after revealing for the first time the extent of her 13-year misery since her father was given almost complete control over her life and $60 million fortune. (MEGA)

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    Jamie reportedly receives a salary of ‘about $16,000 per month’ for his role as conservator. (MEGA)

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    The most shocking part of Britney’s testimony saw her reveal she had an IUD contraceptive device implanted in her body against her will to stop her from getting pregnant.  (MEGA)

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    Speaking rapidly by audiolink with Los Angeles Superior Court — where dozens of fans and supporters gathered outside chanting ‘Free Britney’ and waving placards saying, ‘We Love You Britney’ — Spears launched an extraordinary attack on her father for his actions as her co-conservator. (MEGA)

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    Britney said: ‘I want to be able to get married and have a baby. I was told right now in the conservatorship, I’m not able to get married or have a baby. I have (an) IUD inside of (me) right now, so I don’t get pregnant.’  (MEGA)

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    She told the judge: ‘I truly believe that this conservatorship is abusive.’ (MEGA)

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    After the bombshell hearing, Jamie released a brief statement to the public: ‘[Jamie] is sorry to see his daughter in so much pain. [He] loves his daughter and misses her very much,’ a statement from Jamie’s representative read. (MEGA)

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    Jamie reportedly recently sold Britney Spears’ childhood home for $275,000 in February. (MEGA)

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    Britney said that she feels her father ‘should be in jail’ for his treatment of her. (MEGA)

Jamie has been in Kentwood living in an RV after selling the home that Britney grew up in, according to the New York Times. He lives on the outskirts of town near a storage facility that houses trinkets from the pop star’s career.

Britney tore into her father during her testimony on Wednesday.

She claimed Jamie was “all for” keeping her shut in her home for a month after allegedly being put on lithium. She also alleged that despite not wanting to take the drug, her father “approved” the treatment and feigned ignorance about her required psychiatric evaluations.

Jamie Spears.

Soon after, she added, she was sent to a rehab facility in Beverly Hills, Calif., where she alleges she was confined.

“I cried on the phone for an hour and he loved every minute of it,” said Britney. “The control he had over someone as powerful as me — he loved the control to hurt his own daughter 100,000%. He loved it.”

In response, Jamie’s attorney Vivian Thoreen gave a brief statement during the hearing on his behalf after she conferred with him during a recess.

“He is sorry to see his daughter suffering and in so much pain,” Thoreen said. “Mr. Spears loves his daughter, and misses her very much.”

Britney is currently vacationing in Hawaii with her boyfriend Sam Asghari. 

Fox News’ Julius Young contributed to this report

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