Brian Blessed scared wife was ‘going to die’ as she ‘screamed in pain’ on their front lawn

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Brian Blessed, 84, revealed his wife Hildegarde Neil, 82, has overcome cancer only to catch pneumonia and coronavirus, which both took their toll on her fragile eight stone frame. The Flash Gordon actor detailed how at one point his spouse was left “screaming in pain”, with nurses being called to help him.

B***cks to covid

Brian Blessed

Brian shared: “My wife has been in hospital all bl**dy year, in and out, I thought she was bl**dy going to die, but she’s come through it. 

“She had cancer, she got over it, Hodgkins Lymphoma, then she went into remission.

“Then she got better, she then got pneumonia, with I think touches of COVID. 

“At one point I was carrying her on to the lawn as she screamed in pain, and she had a touch of pneumonia and a touch of COVID,” he shared.

His beloved wife yelped out in agony before nurses and an ambulance arrived.

However, despite falling into the vulnerable category for experiencing the deadly effects of coronavirus, Hildegarde has now “come through” her health battle and recovered.

Brian continued: “She’s come through it. She’s 82 and she’s come through it. 

“She’s now gardening and walking with the dogs. She’s 82 and I’m 84 and strong as a bl**dy boar. I won’t let any bl**dy COVID disease bl**y kill me. It can b**ger off.”

Brian and Hildegarde married in 1978 and now reside in Windlesham, Surrey together.

Back in 2015, Brian experienced his own health issues when he collapsed on stage during a performance of King Lear.

He received medical attention from a doctor in the audience before returning to the stage only 20 minutes later to carry on.

However, the actor was later “compelled to withdraw” from the production on the advice of his heart specialist and has since been fitted with a pacemaker.

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Brian is now passionate about people protecting themselves from coronavirus by wearing a face covering and has teamed up with mask manufacturing company Wise Protec, to ensure the public follow government guidelines.

Brian explained: “There is a virus, the b***ard thing is everywhere and we have to have protection.”

The mask produced by Wise Protec is designed to not just protect the wearer from COVID-19 but it is also said to kill 99.5 per cent of the virus in just under 30 minutes.

The actor said: “One must not be negative about the whole thing, I think we’re going to win out.

“ I’m just thrilled to bits with this new invention. It’s not just a mask, science has developed it with certain chemicals to destroy the virus. 

“The scientists are going to win for us. It reminds me of the war years, I’m a war baby. You know we beat the Germans. 

“Everyone helped each other, and I feel that’s happening at the moment too. 

“B***ocks to COVID. We’re going to beat it. We’re a wonderful race. I’ve done a lot of things to help animals, and I think we’re beginning to win,” he added. 

Brian Blessed has partnered with Wise Protec, creators of the world’s first anti-viral face mask, to co-write & narrate Wear A Bloody Mask – a satirical story with an important public health message:

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