Bot Sentinel: Anti-Meghan YouTube channels have made millions selling hate

Because I tend to live and breathe royal gossip (for work and because I’m genuinely interested), I’m always surprised that things which are “common knowledge” to royal-gossips are not actually common knowledge for the casual royal-gossip consumer. One of the biggest examples of that was when friend-of-the-blog Ellie Hall did that Buzzfeed post comparing headlines about Duchess Meghan versus Duchess Kate – the fact that the British media was and is racist and they were climbing up Meghan’s ass in a way they never did about Meghan was, once again, not news to many of us. And yet, that post was huge news and it crossed over to the mainstream media and it was even mentioned in the Oprah interview.

I bring this up because I’ve found many of Christopher Bouzy’s Bot Sentinel reports to be kind of lukewarm tea. We’ve known for years that there’s a million-dollar cottage industry built on “hating Meghan on the internet.” We’ve seen that for years. But Bouzy is doing important work because it’s data-driven and it’s more than just an assumption. It’s showing that companies like Twitter and YouTube are allowing unchecked harassment and hate to flourish. Bouzy is showing coordination between hate accounts, and how certain royal reporters amplify hate. Bot Sentinel’s latest report is an extension of the work Bouzy has done on how Meghan-haters have monetized their hate and harassment on YouTube:

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have spoken out about the dangers of spreading misinformation online and now a new report has uncovered details of a monetized hate campaign against the Duchess of Sussex.

Data analytics service Bot Sentinel released a third and final report on Tuesday regarding the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, this time on how “single-purpose hate accounts have turned targeted harassment and coordinated hate campaigns into a lucrative hate-for-profit enterprise.”

According to the report, a network of YouTube channels focused on disparaging Meghan has over 497 million views and an estimated $3.48 million in total YouTube earnings combined. Just three of the top content creators — YankeeWally, MurkyMeg and According2taz — have a combined 70+ million views and an estimated $494,730 in total YouTube earnings.

“The trio also coordinated their efforts on Twitter, cultivating a following by disseminating conspiracy theories and disinformation about Harry and Meghan that were concocted in the MeWe group,” the report found. “Their efforts allowed them to interact with journalists and royal experts, who then, in some circumstances, amplified the falsehoods. The women leveraged their Twitter popularity to funnel their followers to their YouTube channels, where they would discuss the conspiracy theories they helped to manufacture.”

Twitter has suspended YankeeWally and MurkyMeg. According2taz is still an active account, but “Twitter’s reporting system has acknowledged she has violated its rules on multiple occasions, including for abuse and harassment,” the report stated.

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I love that Bouzy was part of getting Murky and YankeeWally taken down from Twitter, so when will YouTube? And did you guys know that YouTubers were making that kind of money just by spreading unhinged conspiracies about Meghan? $494,730 for three YT accounts, roughly $160K each. I would assume that figure is the profit for the length of the YT channel too (meaning, for what, roughly three years?). Hm. Anyway… YouTube needs to shut this sh-t down, but they let genuine white nationalists and neo-Nazis to spread their gospels of hate, so who knows.

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— Christopher Bouzy (@cbouzy) January 18, 2022

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