Billie Lourd Honors Mom Carrie Fisher on Visit To Disneylands Star Wars Ride

Billie Lourd channeled her mother, late Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher, on a recent trip to Disneyland.

The 28-year-old actress posted footage from a trip to the amusement park on her Instagram Friday. Lourd spent time at the Star Wars section, Galaxy’s Edge, during the trip, and posted pictures of the revamped Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance ride. The post’s caption calls Ride of the Resistance the “best ride ever,” with Soarin’ Around the World a close second. The footage also shows Lourd wearing an adorable pair of Disney ears shaped like Princess Leia’s signature double-bun hairdo.

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Fisher played Princess Leia in the original Star Wars trilogy (A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi) and the recent films (The Force Awakens, Return of the Jedi), up until she passed in 2016. Lourd, who’s best known for her roles in Booksmart and Scream Queens, played a rebel lieutenant in all three films of the recent trilogy.

Lourd also paid tribute to Fisher on Star Wars Day, May 4. She posted pictures of her son Kingston dressed in a Princess Leia onesie and a brown knit hat with double buns. The 7-month-old was captured watching his grandma in A New Hope.

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Lourd opened up about her mother’s iconic role in a Time essay in September 2019. She recalled attending Comic-Con with her mother in middle and seeing the impact of Fisher’s role. She said, “I realized then that Leia is more than just a character. She’s a feeling. She is strength. She is grace. She is wit. She is femininity at its finest. She knows what she wants, and she gets it. She doesn’t need anyone to defend her, because she defends herself. And no one could have played her like my mother. Princess Leia is Carrie Fisher. Carrie Fisher is Princess Leia. The two go hand in hand.”

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