Ben Affleck sources confirm he’s dating Ana de Armas, they made out at the airport

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Yesterday we heard that Ben Affleck, 47, and Ana de Armas, 31, had been spotted in her native Cuba over the weekend. They were working on the thriller Deep Water together this fall, but that filmed in Louisiana and has since wrapped. So this was a leisure trip and they’re obviously together. There are even more Twitter and fan sightings of them, some of those are in this post. An Affleck source confirmed to People that these two are dating and there are some nice quotes about how she showed him around and has a great personality, but that’s it. There’s nothing about how she’s special and different than other women he’s dated, been engaged to or married in the past. There are no insiders gushing about how much they have in common. Props for that I guess, as I would expect it from his side. Instead we just got a brief confirmation that they’re dating and that’s it. There are also supposed eyewitness reports that they were making out at the airport in Costa Rica, which I believe considering how many photos there are of them together. Here are excerpts from a few different reports about these two and their new relationship.

Ben Affleck was spotted getting cozy with his Deep Water costar Ana de Armas in Costa Rica on Saturday, March 7, just one day after the two were seen in Cuba… [they] spotted by a fan in the security line at an airport [in Costa Rica] where the eyewitness saw them “making out.”

“Ben and Ana had a great time in Havana,” a source tells PEOPLE of The Way Back star, 47, and the Knives Out actress, 31, who was born in Cuba.

“Ana was his tour guide and took him to all her favorite places,” the source continues. “Ben seemed to love the trip. He was in a great mood and very friendly. He was approached by fans multiple times and happily posed for pictures. They visited several restaurants and enjoyed Cuban cuisine.”

The set source from their movie Deep Water adds that de Armas “is great and very pleasant to be around.”

“She always greets people with a smile and you never hear a complaint. She has this very calm and sweet personality,” the set source says.

A source previously told PEOPLE that the pair left Havana on Saturday night and were seen making out in the airport before boarding their private jet.

“They are definitely dating,” the source said.

[From US Magazine and People]

Us also points people to the photos of Ben and Ana on set looking cozy. They were playing lovers and could have been acting at that point, but obviously Ben’s moves worked. As I wrote yesterday, I hope this ends before they have to promote their movie in a few months. In fact I expect it to, and I think they’re both going to handle it like pros. Maybe we’ll get some sourced quotes then about how they worked too much and were spending too much time apart. I know it’s premature to be planning their breakup, but I want to like Ana and I want more for her. This has disaster written all over it.

Here are some more fan photos, via Harper’s Bazaar. He looks like her dad.

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