Angelina Pivarnick's Marriage Is On The Rocks: Hubby Admits To Cheating In Jersey Shore Premiere

Poor Angelina Pivarnick. This can’t be a good feeling — and especially with it getting out on national TV!

The Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star is at the forefront of the premiere episode of the second half of season four of the hit re-boot show, and she’s being focused upon for all the wrong reasons in this instance.

As fans of the show will no doubt recall, Pivarnick’s first year of marriage to Chris Larangeira was rocky for many reasons — including that infamous nasty toast given at the ceremony by Jenni ‘JWoww’ FarleyNicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi, and Deena Nicole Cortese which eventually led to Snooki quitting the show altogether.

Well now, we know there’s a LOT more going on — err, not going on — with Angelina and Chris. For the premiere ep on Thursday night, JWoww and Deena went to visit Angelina at home. While there, they naturally asked her about her sex life — and she didn’t hesitate to be VERY candid.

The longtime reality star said (below):

“My sex life is dog s**t. It’s so f**king ridiculous. It’s weird. It’s like we’ll fight and whoever starts the fight won’t wanna bang. So then you got, he don’t wanna bang, I don’t wanna bang, nobody wants to bang.”


In a confessional, Pivarnick explained a bit more about it, saying:

“Our sex life is nonexistent at this moment, and honestly, I don’t know if we can get the spark back in our relationship and that’s not a good thing. I’m not perfect, by all means. I’m not the most perfect wife ever, I literally yell at him, I’ll belittle him sometimes. I feel like we’re both wrong. But see how I’m admitting it to you. He won’t f**king ever admit he’s wrong.”

Oof… That’s not a good sign.

By the time the rest of Angelina’s co-stars caught wind of her sex life issues, the s**t truly hit the fan. For one, Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino called the entire, um, situation “insane.” Then, when Chris appeared on screen with his wedding ring on, Vinny Guadagnino made light of it and challenged him, saying “so you’re not divorced!”

At one point, Chris admitted he had “moved out like six times” during their first few months of marriage, admitting to sleeping over at his mother’s house during particularly tough moments. He also acknowledged he felt like it was time to get his “dirty little hamster” tattoo — reflecting Angelina’s NSFW nickname — removed for good.

When Vinny commented on that, exclaiming how “the next step is out the door” for the embattled husband, Chris shot back with the worst line of the night directed at Angelina, saying (below):

“I’m having sex, just not with you!”


JWoww put it best in reacting to that, saying:

“That doesn’t seem like a joke.”

No kidding.

Following the major blow-up, Pauly D and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro reflected on what they’d just seen. Ronnie, certainly one to know about unhealthy relationships, noted the pair “haven’t been happy since the wedding.” And Pauly reflected on how things have been uphill ever since then, saying:

“That marriage took a toll on everybody for one year. If that doesn’t last, all that was for nothing … maybe I’ll have to DJ a divorce party soon.”


DJ jokes aside, things are definitely not in a good place between Chris and Angelina. Can they right the ship?!

Is the marriage beyond saving at this point??

Sound OFF about it with your thoughts and opinions down in the comments (below)…

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