Amanda Holden throws fairy tale sleepover for daughter Hollie in lavish home

Amanda Holden has wowed her fans by throwing the most lavish and dreamy party for her daughter.

The Britain's Got Talent judge, 49, turned her luxurious Surrey home into a childlike fantasy world in celebration of her eight-year-old daughter Hollie's very first sleepover.

Taking to Instagram to share some sweet snaps of her decked out display, Amanda couldn't contain her excitment.

Receiving a little bit of help from party planners Bespoke Slumbers, the proud mum captioned the series of snaps: "Hollie's very first sleepover! We have one very excited little girl!".

The plush party was based around a fairy tale theme as Hollie and her pals enjoyed their very own miniature tepees adorned with flowers.

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There was also a stunning display of fluffy rugs and the cutest tea party station where Hollie and her best buds no doubt chatted while sipping from an array of delicate patterned china cups.

Each of the little girls were treated to their very own satin floral night robes which hung from a stylish clothes rack.

Their seating situation included an array of pink fluffy pillows with their individual names embroidered into them.

In case the girls got a little bit peckish, there was a colourful spread of sweets and snacks in vintage jars for them to munch on.

To add to the glamour, Amanda made sure each child was equipped with a floral head band so it made them feel as if they were in a real life fairytale.

Lined up beside their tea-party set-up stood a number of wooden signs which pointed to destinations such as the 'Enchanted Garden' and 'Pixie Meadow'.

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After sharing the sweet snaps on her Instagram feed, it wasn't long before fans rushed to congratulate Amanda on being such a creative soul.

"This is the most stunning sleepover setup I've ever laid eyes on. What a lucky little girl Hollie is to have you as a mother!" voiced one enthused follower.

While others wrote: "This is beyond cute! Oh my goodness, so precious!".

"I could have only have dreamed about this when I was younger. She's so lucky, and you're such a creative mother!".

"This looks nicer than my actual wedding – no joke!" quipped a fourth fan.

Amanda very rarely shares glimpses into her lavish Surrey home which she shares with her record producer husband Chris and their two children, Lexi, 14 and Hollie.

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