Aker Okoye’s Apology For "Cuddling" Meghan Markle Is Interesting

After her International Women’s Day visit to Robert Clack Upper School in Dagenham, England, 16-year-old student Aker Okoye’s apologized to Prince Harry for "cuddling" Meghan Markle. ICYMI: Meghan and Aker interacted when she went "off the cuff"during her speech at the school, where he holds the position of "head boy," and asked one brave boy to come up on stage with her and explain why he believed International Women’s Day to be important. Aker wound up being the boy and made his way up to the stage where he first said to his fellow students in reference to Meghan, "She really is beautiful, innit?"

Meghan laughed and shook her head in disapproval, to which Aker jokingly said he had to "say the truth" then went into explaining the importance of International Women’s Day to him. After his speech, he received a big hug from Meghan. And thus the "cuddle" was born. If you’re more of an auditory or visual person and need to see the whole thing happen for yourself, don’t fret! A video of the entire exchange was posted to the Sussex Royal Instagram page on March 8:

Following the event, Aker decided to write a letter, since published in The Sun, addressed to both Harry and Meghan. OK, well, to be clear, it was addressed to both Harry and Meghan but it was really only to Harry. “I’ve written the letter to make sure Harry doesn’t have a problem with it and to say sorry really and that I hope he didn’t mind," he told The Sun.

Read it in full for yourself here:

According to The Sun, Aker will be sending the letter to Buckingham Palace, where Meghan and Harry will have offices until April 1. Here’s to hoping it actually gets read.

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