6ix9ines Homeless Father Upset the Rapper Doesnt Help Him Out Financially

‘You think he’d come hook me up with something,’ says 60-year-old Daniel Hernandez as he reveals that his son is unaware he has been living in a shelter for 2 years.

AceShowbiz6ix9ine may have been showing off his fortune on social media, but none of it goes to his father. Daniel Hernandez, who has the same birth name as his famous son, says he is homeless but the rapper hasn’t offered to help him financially.

Met on the street, the 60-year-old told Page Six that he has been living in a homeless shelter for two years and his son isn’t even aware of it. “Because I don’t have an apartment, he doesn’t know that I’m in the shelter,” he said in a video obtained by the site. “Now he’s going to know I’ve been here for, what, two years already?”

Stressing that he hasn’t received any help from his son, though 6ix9ine would give away money to strangers sometimes, Daniel Sr. said, “You think he’d come hook me up with something.” He added of his estranged son, “He’s been giving money to other people. … He gives money to everybody. ‘Here, here, here.’ “

6ix9ine has been estranged from his father since he was a child. In fact, he did not know his father until he was 9 years old and had only a brief relationship with him. Daniel Sr. had a heroin addiction and was in prison for five years for selling drugs. He once said that 6ix9ine’s mother told the rapper he was dead.

6ix9ine last saw his father during his trial in 2019. At the time, the “GOOBA” spitter was “startled” by the unexpected family reunion in court. “I took one glance-I see my biological father. I haven’t seen him since the third grade,” the New York native said before his sentencing. “I don’t even know if this is a f**kin’ joke, everything I go through.”

His lawyer Lance Lazzaro added, “He hasn’t seen him since the third grade. It’s too little too late. He was definitely startled by that.”

At the time, Daniel raised his hand to speak on behalf of his son at the sentencing, but the judge denied his request. “It’s way too late to show and speak on his behalf. You squandered that right many years ago,” the judge said.

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