Piers Morgan FaceTimes ‘hot sons’ Spencer and Albert from coronavirus isolation – The Sun

PIERS Morgan is making sure he stays in touch with his sons whilst they are apart during their coronavirus isolation.

The GMB host, 55, shared a sweet picture from his FaceTime call with Spencer, 26 and Albert, 19, with his fans hailing the guys "hot".

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Earlier in the week Piers revealed that Albert had showed signs of having Covid-19.

Piers has three sons, including 22-year-old Stanley.

Spencer and Albert have been living at their mum's house, while Piers has been with his new wife  Celia, and their daughter Elise, eight, and also Stanley.

But the dad-of-four is keen to make sure he still stays in touch with his boys during this tough time.

Taking to Instagram to share the sweet snap of Spencer and Albert and their dog Conor on the phone, he wrote: "Conor definitely wins the Quarantine FaceTime facial hair contest."

It was on Wednesday that Piers revealed Albert hadn't been very well, speaking on GMB he said: "One of my sons had it in a much milder way. He lost his taste and smell. Still hasn't got it back. It is a weird thing."

His co-host Susanna Reid, 49, turned to Piers and exclaimed: "Your son?"

Piers went on: "Yes my youngest boy had it.

"I think most people are associating (lack of taste and smell) that with the virus, luckily he didn't get anything like what you had but he had that experience for a few days. It’s a very unnerving thing to get."

Given how contagious COVID-19 is, the presenter later clarified on the show: "I hadn’t seen my son for three weeks before he presented with symptoms, he was at his mum's."

Meanwhile, Piers has sent his support to GMB co-star Kate Garraway after she revealed that her husband Derek Draper was in intensive care battling coronavirus.

He reached out to his friend after news of Derek's condition went public.


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Acknowledging that he'd been aware of his friend's situation beforehand, Piers tweeted: "Now it’s been made public, I can say this horrendous situation has brought the coronavirus crisis sharply into the hearts of all of us @GMB. My love & prayers to Kate & Derek."

Susanna Reid also messaged support, simply writing: "All my love to Kate and Derek."

Derek, 52, was rushed to hospital with COVID-19 symptoms on 30th March, and Kate is "sick with worry" as he remains in intensive care.

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'Hunters': Did the Government Really Bring a Bunch of Nazis to America in 'Operation Paperclip'?

There is a historical basis for the premise of the Amazon Prime Video series “Hunters”

Amazon Prime Video

“Hunters,” the new Amazon Prime series about vigilante Nazi hunters in the 1970s, is an example of historical fiction: meaning it’s not a true story, but it uses real historical events as a backdrop. So, for example, midway through the first season there’s a citywide blackout in New York — this was a real thing that happened in 1997, but in the show it had a different cause.

“Hunters” is full of things like that, taking real bits of history and recontextualizing them for the story being told. That blackout, for one, is part of a Nazi plan in the show, rather than just being an accident like it was in real life. And, of course, another example of such a thing is the United States government sweeping up a bunch of prominent Nazis after World War II and giving them important jobs in America.

Though so far as the public record goes the Nazis did not make a concerted effort to establish the Fourth Reich in the US, it is true that after the war the government brought a large number of Nazi scientists to America instead of punishing them. A lot of important folks got a free pass because of their skills, most notably Wernher von Braun, who got a high placement at NASA and has lots of stuff named after him. Von Braun was just one of many Nazis who worked at NASA back in the day.

This whole thing, dubbed Operation Paperclip, is the spark of the plot in “Hunters,” which is all about a squad of vigilante spies, basically, verifying these folks and taking them out. Though in this version of history those Nazis weren’t just hanging out living their lives — they were plotting to take over the country.

If you want to know more about Operation Paperclip, you’ve come to the right place. Below we’ll run down the basics of the real-world version of Paperclip, but we’ll avoid spoilers for the sake of those who aren’t finished with “Hunters” season 1 yet.

So despite a reputation in popular culture for almost science fiction level technology, Nazi Germany actually lagged far behind its rivals in several key fields, like nuclear physics.

But in some other fields, particularly rocketry, Nazi German scientists were actually ahead of the U.S. and USSR. In the latter months of World War II Germany developed the first guided ballistic missiles, which they used to attack cities in England and Belgium, among others. By contrast, the otherwise far more advanced America had to use standard issue bomber planes to deploy the first nuclear bombs.

After Nazi Germany surrendered in May, 1945, the country was divided up under zones of US and Soviet control, who ended up with custody of a lot of those scientists. This is where it gets complicated.

The German scientists were of course Nazis, in many cases high ranking Nazis. Which meant there was a high probability they were personally involved in Nazi atrocities like biological weapons research, concentration camp deaths, slave labor and human experimentation.

This was less of a problem for the Soviets, whose zone of control included the site where Germany developed its most advanced rockets, giving them a huge advantage just as relations with the US were turning sour. The USSR reverse engineered the whole thing and rebuilt it inside Soviet borders. They also forcibly conscripted more than 2000 scientists.

The situation was different for the US, who was in the process of very publicly declaring itself the defender of human rights in the postwar era. No matter — America wanted to get an advantage over the USSR, and also had real concerns that Nazi scientists might take their skills to other countries (there were several nations that didn’t participate in WWII but nonetheless were Nazi allies).

In late 1946 President Truman issued a secret directive authorizing “operation overcast,” which fast-tracked immigration papers for more than a thousand former Nazi scientists. It was later renamed “Operation Paperclip” because a paper clip would be attached to someone’s file, indicating they were to be allowed in without too much scrutiny.

Once in the US, they formed the core that developed America’s nuclear missile array during the 1950s — they also developed weapons for America that almost certainly violated international law.

In 1960, they were reassigned to newly-created NASA, where they oversaw the staggering scientific and engineering advances during the space race. Among them was Wernher von Braun, Germany’s top rocket scientist during the war. He designed the rocket that sent Apollo 11 to the moon.

But about those aforementioned war crimes: Operation Paperclip, ahem, papered over the records of recruited Nazi scientists, some of whom were outright monsters. Here are just a few examples:

-According to Annie Jacobson in her 2014 book Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program that Brought Nazi Scientists to America, Walter Schreiber, a medical researcher who served as a key witness for the prosecution in the Nuremberg trials, was brought to the US under Paperclip in 1951. Just weeks later the Boston Globe exposed his ghastly human experimentation research at Ravensbrück concentration camp, and he fled to Argentina (with US military help).

-Rocket scientist Arthur Rudolph was brought into the US in 1945 and for the next 40 years served US military and scientific interests. He became a US citizen and even received NASA’s highest award. Then in 1984 it came out that he made heavy use of slave labor from Mittelbau-Dora concentration camp during World War II. Rudolph renounced his US citizenship and left the country in order to avoid a war crimes trial.

-Hubertus Strughold, former head of medical research for the Luftwaffe, came to the US in 1947 and through his subsequent work was honored as “the father of space medicine.” The Aerospace Medical Association even named its most prestigious award after him. Unfortunately he almost certainly conducted insidious experiments on humans, including children, at Dachau concentration camp. While he was never punished during his lifetime, the SMA retired the Strughold Award in 2013 following a Wall Street Journal expose of his crimes.

-As for von Braun, there is some evidence he also participated in war crimes, and he was accused of personally selecting slave labor. And, of course, he was a card-carrying member of the Nazi Party. But he also ran afoul of Nazi authorities, who suspected him of sedition and communist sympathies. In later life he consistently denied any direct participation in Nazi war crimes and said he felt helpless to do anything about the war crimes he knew about. His complicated legacy aside, he remains a revered NASA founding father with awards, buildings, streets and even a crater on the moon named after him.

So yeah, Operation Paperclip is certainly not a fictional thing that was made up for “Hunters” or the “Captain America” movies — you may recall that Hydra took over SHIELD as a result of Paperclip. The reality of it is, so far as we know, just a bit more mundane than these fictional tales.

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The real reason Joe Exotic got into the zoo business

Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin, and Doc Antle.  These names are everywhere nowadays, along with the rest of the characters in Netflix’s hottest docuseries, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness. While some stars are a little more villainous and eccentric than others, every cast member is captivating in their own right, especially where it concerns Joe. For instance, how did the Kansas native become the owner of Oklahoma’s Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park? And when did he first become entranced by exotic zoo animals? 

As it turns out, Joe — who is serving a 22-year sentence for wildlife violations and a murder-for-hire plot — first became interested in animals thanks to his brother, Garold Schreibvogel, according to Texas Monthly. Garold once supposedly “confided in Joe that he hoped one day to live in the wild in Africa so he could see the beautiful beasts there running free.”

After high school, Joe worked as a police officer and became the chief when he was just 19, per Texas Monthly. Around this time, one of Joe’s siblings informed their parents that he was gay and, in response, their father shook Joe’s hand and made him promise he wouldn’t attend his funeral. Understandably, this experience was devastating to Joe and he allegedly tried to drive his police cruiser off of a bridge. Joe was left with severe injuries and moved from the family’s home in Texas to West Palm Beach, Fla., to recover.

What happened next? Stay with us to find out.

It all started with Pet Safari

While recovering in Florida, Joe Exotic became close to his neighbor, a man named Tim, who owned a pet store. Tim had a friend who worked at a drive-through zoo, and this friend would occasionally bring home baby animals, allowing Joe to play with baby monkeys and lions, according to New York Magazine. Joe said “he was broken and those little critters helped put him back together,” according to the outlet.

A few years later, in Texas, Joe and his brother, Garold Schreibvogel, bought a pet store called Pet Safari. Joe and his brother started with “reptiles, birds, and small fish” but gradually got more unusual animals, like armadillos, according to Texas Monthly.

Sadly, just as the store was gaining traction, Garold was hit by a drunk driver outside of Dallas and died in October 1997, according to Texas Monthly. Joe’s family won $140,000 in a lawsuit over Garold’s death, and Joe convinced his parents to spend the money on a memorial zoo. So Joe bought an old horse farm in Wynnewood, Okla. and dubbed it: The Garold Wayne Exotic Animal Memorial Park.

Joe Exotic finally gets his tigers

Joe Exotic only had a deer and a buffalo, belonging to his brother, Garold Schreibvogel, to feature at the G.W. Zoo when it first opened, according to Texas Monthly. But when word spread that there was an exotic animal park, people started dropping off animals they could no longer take care of. First came a mountain lion, then a bear, followed in 2000 by two tigers who had been abandoned in a backyard. These two tigers bred, and Joe and his husband at the time, Brian Rhyne, raised the cubs in their living room, just like the zookeeper had done back in Texas. More and more people dropped off their exotic animals until Joe had a packed zoo.

Amazingly, Joe wasn’t initially interested in breeding tigers, according to New York Magazine, because he knew that they were “mean” and expensive to feed when fully grown. However, he quickly realized that tiger cubs, and the fees involved with petting them, could offset the growing costs of the zoo. 

So this became his financial plan until, as New York Magazine noted, Joe became “the largest breeder of tigers in the country.” But this financial solution soon proved tricky, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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Sister Wives’ Meri Brown admits her relationship to husband Kody is ‘over’ after years of marital issues – The Sun

MERI Brown’s marriage to her husband, Kody, is over after years of marital strife, she revealed in a preview for Sunday’s Sister Wives.

Meri, 49, made the shocking admission during a marriage counseling session with Kody, 51.

The first wife said their relationship has been “pretty rocky.”

She continued: “People ask me all the time why I don’t leave.

“The relationship between he and I is gone, it’s dead, it’s over.”

Kody then explained how they had a “very fast courtship.”

He added: “I didn’t know who I was marrying. I am just done with hearing how am wrong.”

In another preview for the episode, he said: “We’re family, but we’re not acting married.”

Meri responded: “He doesn’t want to move forward with trying to work things out with me.”

He fired back: “I can never be honest because she’s unable to move away from being the victim.”

Kody and Meri married in 1990 and welcomed one daughter, Mariah, together.

He went on to marry Janelle in 1993, Christine in 1994 and Robyn in 2014.

Kody divorced Meri, his only legal wife at the time, in 2014 to be able to adopt Robyn’s children from a previous marriage.

Then, Meri was involved in a catfish scandal where she fell in love with another man over the Internet.

But the man ended up being a woman.

Their marital issues continued from there, as she said on an episode last season: "It’s hard to be here and work on these relationships in the family.

"I’m looking in from the outside. I don’t feel like I have a husband and wife relationship.”

Meri sparked trouble in paradise by not posting a photo with Kody since January 2019.

She has also went on multiple vacations over the last two years without her husband.

Earlier this week, Meri cryptically posted: “Walk away from anything that gives you bad vibes. There is no need to explain it or make sense of it.”

On last week’s episode, Meri was brought to tears when she found her marriage certificate.

When Robyn joked about “burning” theirs, Meri cried in her confessional:  “It’s valid in my heart. That’s why I keep it.”

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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Disney World & Disney Land Remaining Closed Indefinitely Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

As the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic continues, companies are being forced to revise the dates they intended to reopen. For Disney, that means its United States theme parks–Disneyland and Disney World–will not be welcoming visitors by the end of the month, as originally planned.

In a new statement, the company said, “While there is still much uncertainty with respect to the impacts of COVID-19, the safety and well-being of our guests and employees remain The Walt Disney Company’s top priority. As a result of this unprecedented pandemic and in line with direction provided by health experts and government officials, Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort will remain closed until further notice.”

Furthermore, Disney addressed the status of its employees as the parks and resorts remain closed. “The Walt Disney Company has been paying its cast members since the closure of the parks, and in light of this ongoing and increasingly complex crisis, we have made the decision to extend paying hourly parks and resorts cast members through April 18,” the statement read.

Disney’s theme parks around the world remain closed as the coronavirus situation continues to evolve. However, Shanghai Disney Resort has announced it plans to open a limited number of stores, restaurants, and “recreational experiences” available at the resort areas outside of Shanghai Disneyland. Meanwhile, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea have seen their potential date for reopening pushed back to “April 20 or beyond.”

The news of Disney’s extended closures comes on the heels of Universal Studios announcing that its parks in California and Florida would remain closed until at least April 19.

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Quibi Lands Skateboard Drama ‘Hardflip’ From Eric Amadio, The Chainsmokers, Nyjah Huston & Wiip

Snowfall co-creator Eric Amadio has teamed up with pop group The Chainsmokers and professional skateboarder Nyjah Huston on skateboarding drama Hardflip for Quibi.

The short-form digital platform, which launches on April 6, is working with wiip and Kick the Habit Productions, the production company set up by Chainsmokers Drew Taggart and Alex Pall, on the series.

Set in present day East Los Angeles in the high stake’s world of competitive skateboarding, Hardflip is follows a wildly successful sixteen-year-old skater and his immediate group of friends as he navigates the unfiltered reality of fame and fortune.

It is the latest Quibi project for wiip, which is behind Anna Kendrick comedy Dummy.

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Eric Amadio, who wrote and exec produced the FX drama, writes and exec produces with EPs also including Drew Taggart, Alex Pall, Dan Marcus, Adam Alpert for Kick the Habit Productions and Paul Lee and Mark Roybal for wiip, and Josh Berman. Nyjah Huston is co-exec producer.

“I’m stoked for skateboarding fans to finally get to see this,” said Huston. “Alex, Drew and I have been homies for a while, and they know the culture, so it was an easy decision to jump on board the project and awesome to do together.”

“With young people’s voices being more important than ever, there’s never been a better time to explore this unique subculture of unwanted youth with raw authenticity, and no better partners to do it with than Drew, Alex, Dan and of course our own real-life skate God, Nyjah,” said Amadio. “Alongside our studio partners at wiip, we couldn’t be more thrilled to find our home at Quibi and are beyond excited to bring audiences something they’ve never seen, in a way they’ve never seen it before.”

“We are thrilled to be teaming up with Eric Amadio and skate legend Nyjah Huston on this amazing series,’ added Taggart and Pall. “We’ve been inspired by the skateboarding world our entire lives and are ecstatic to be a part of a project that honors the culture.”

Amadio is represented by Management 360 and Ziffren and Kick the Habit Productions and Nyjah Huston are represented by CAA.

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