You could be the record holder if you can spot the hidden butterfly in this optical illusion in less than 11 seconds | The Sun

THERE are many different types of optical illusions.

Some are mind-bending brain teasers and others are puzzles that have hidden images in them.

This image shows a tree branch with small green leaves and flowering buds, but somewhere in the snap there's a hidden butterfly.

If you can spot it in 11 seconds you could be the record holder, according to Jargan Josh, who posted the puzzle.

The butterfly is especially hard to spot since it's so well hidden by the leaves and flowers.

Need a hint?

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The butterfly looks just like the leaves on the trees.

If you still cant spot the insect Jargon Josh offered some more hints to help out.

They said: "Try looking from top to bottom to observe any variation in the picture.

"It is right in front of you if you carefully observe the picture."

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Did you find it in time?

The butterfly was carefully concealed in the middle of the picture, hidden in plain sight.

The butterfly's wings look almost exactly the same as the leaves, making the cunning puzzle hard to solve.

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