Yes, Naomi Osaka Just Released a Fashion Collaboration, Too

Naomi Osaka at the 2020 US Open

What does Naomi Osaka do when she's not winning her third Grand Slam or being a leader for social justice through powerful masks and statements? Well, she isn't exactly kicking back and relaxing, that's for sure. The tennis pro also happens to have a passion for fashion, collaborating with ADEAM on a collection that launches Sept. 15.

"I have always loved fashion, even when I was younger, and my sister Mari and I would look through fashion magazines on the way to tennis tournaments," she told InStyle via email. "I think fashion is a great way to reflect your mood and to also be playful and take chances. On and off the court, I like what I wear to reflect how I am feeling at that moment."

Naomi Osaka

Despite collaborating with ADEAM, Osaka isn't tied to wearing specific brands. When asked about the factors she considers when shopping, she admitted to focusing more on the quality and longevity of pieces.

"There are amazing looks on all spectrums of the price range," she said. "I think it's important not to get too caught up in labels and more selecting items that you feel speak to your personality, as well as items that will last. If you are going to spend a little more, make it an item that is timeless that you can wear forever. For items that are more trend related, you can spend less since it may not be a piece you wear a long period of time. But it's best not to waste, not just in these times but always."

Naomi Osaka

Osaka's ADEAM collaboration first hit the runway earlier this year, but now that it's finally available to shop, Hanako Maeda, CEO and Creative Director of the brand is extra excited.

"When I first heard that Naomi is a fan of ADEAM, I was so thrilled and honored," she told InStyle. "I've been a huge fan of Naomi — she is such a powerful female role model, both on and off court. Once we met in person, we immediately clicked, and the creative process came naturally. We shared similar reference points — our love for Japanese fashion, and a strong feminine aesthetic. It's been such a dream to work with Naomi, and I hope that we can collaborate again in the future on something fun!"

Ahead, take a look at Osaka's top picks from the collection, along with more details about the pieces, provided by Maeda.

Naomi Osaka's ADEAM Collaboration

"The Tokyo Shirt and Tokyo Shirt Dress are inspired by the eclectic street style of Tokyo, and they reflect the youth culture in towns like Harajuku. One of the key aspects of Tokyo street style is diversity and the creativity found in styling. This is why we added the hooks at the seams of the shirt, which allow you to change the silhouette of the shirt just by undoing the hooks. It feels more feminine with the cinched waistline, and when you take the hooks off, it becomes a more oversized, sporty silhouette."

Naomi Osaka ADEAM Collaboration

"The Tokyo Bustier Dress is a very versatile piece because you can wear it simply as a strapless dress, or layer it over a shirt (as Naomi did at the ADEAM NYFW Show in February), or even a simple tee for a different look. This is a piece that you want to keep in your wardrobe forever because it transforms in so many different ways depending on the styling. You can wear it simply as a dress, a tunic layered over pants, or a more casual look layered over t-shirts and sweaters."

Naomi Osaka ADEAM Collaboration

"The Harajuku Knit is one of the first pieces Naomi sketched for us, and I think it perfectly reflects the 'kawaii' aesthetic we wanted to express through this collection. Kawaii means 'quirky cute' in Japanese and is often found in the street style of girls that hang out in Harajuku, the fashion center of Tokyo. The silhouette of the sweater is relaxed and sporty, but the lace detailing at the neckline adds a cute, feminine vibe. This sweater is a fusion between this idea of kawaii and also Naomi's sporty, athletic personality."

Naomi Osaka ADEAM Collaboration

"The Osaka Cardigan is a timeless classic that is made of our signature Angel Hair Cotton yarn. The knit is incredibly soft and plush, and it's so comfortable that you'd want to wear it all day — whether you're at home or in the office. It was one of the pieces that Naomi was immediately drawn to at our fitting, and I was so happy when I saw it on her Instagram stories, knowing that she actually wore this piece day-to-day. The pleating detail at the back adds a kawaii touch to the relaxed, casual piece."

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