Woman uses 2p coin to get rid of thick and crusted limescale in her loo and makes it looks brand new

A MRS Hinch fan has shared how she managed to rid her toilet of thick limescale after countless products didn't work, and all she needed was a 2p piece. 

The woman inherited a loo filled with unsightly stains, and had tried everything to clean it with no luck. 

In a last ditch attempt to remove the crusty limescale, she drained the tank and decided to rub a 2p coin on it after seeing similar success stories online. 

She was amazed with the results, saying she’s no longer "embarrassed" by her crusty loo. 

The cleaning fanatic shared before and after snaps to Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips – along with stomach-churning snaps of the thick limescale – which has racked up more than 3,000 likes. 

She said: “I tried absolutely everything to get this limescale out of the toilet nothing worked left all sorts over night from tips I've read here. 

“The toilet was left like this from people before us.

“Drained the water out good old 2p and a wipe down with Oust kettle descaler and a elbow grease sponge it’s now gleaming…

“I can’t believe how thick the limescale was no wonder nothing would budge it.

“No more embarrassing toilet when people visit.” 

More than 500 people have commented praising her cleaning skills, with one person saying: “Wow!!

“I thought that was gravel on first glance. 

“Thinking how do you clean your toilet with gravel. Well done.”

Another said: “Good old 2p it’s fab for cleaning loos… lol I did mine with it.”

A third said: “Wow well done, that must have taken ages, looks amazing.” 

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