Woman shares the 'right' way to close a crisp packet and it's blowing people's minds

A WOMAN has shared the ‘right’ way to close a bag of crisps – and it’s blowing people’s minds. 

Usually a half-eaten packet is either folded over, shut with a band or clip, or simply twisted to try and keep the contents fresh.

But if you find the bag always opening and your crisps getting stale – or you don’t have a clip to hand – take note. 

One woman shared the simple method to seal packets just by folding them, and you can even turn the bag upside down with nothing falling out. 

Sharing her trick on Facebook, she wrote: “Apparently we have been closing the chip bags wrong.”

She demonstrates the technique with a giant bag of crisps, showing you fold each side of the bag inwards in a triangle shape, as if you were making a paper plane.

You then flip it over and roll the bag down, and when you get to the contents turn each corner inside out, turning the folds into pockets. 

She proudly gives the bag a shake in the clip, showing no crumbs escaping. 

More than three million people have watched the clip, and say her tip is a ‘game changer’. 

Commenting online, one person said: “That’s something good to know.”

Another wrote: “Another life hack."

A third said: “I seen it, tried it and works.

"The only problem is there’s usually no chips left.”

Someone else thought: “Well this is a gamer changer too.”

While this person added: “Here's another pantry life hack.”

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