Woman shares stunning Christmas window display she made from bargains from B&M and The Range

CHRISTMAS is fast approaching and people have been coming up with great ways to spread some festive cheer at a time when indoor socialising isn't always possible.

One woman has shared a stunning homemade Christmas window display, which she assembled using bargain buys from The Range and B&M.

The woman has created a beautiful festive scene in her window featuring a large golden stag, a model squirrel and winter trees made from sticks she found in a park before painting them white.

Warm fairy lights, mini lanterns and minimalist glass baubles add to the look and help create a magical, natural scene.

Also among the display is a delicate angel decoration, a mini Christmas tree and model presents.

Posting on Facebook group Organise my UK home, she captioned the collection of snaps, "My Christmas window display. I collected sticks from my local park and painted them white using white Dulux emulsion for walls."

She shared where she got the decorations from and how much they were, saying, "Stag is from B&M – £10, lanterns also from B&M – £2 each. Baubles are from The Range.

"Lights – from B&M warm white micro led 120 lights for £5. I used 2 packs. I attached them to the sticks using a fishing line."

One member of the Facebook group said, "Your time and effort paid off, how lovely for people walking by. We need some beauty in these drab and dreary days."

A second told her she should dress windows for a living, while a third simply wrote, "LOVE LOVE LOVE".

Many asked how she had managed to position the sticks so they remained upright, but it's not clear from the pictures.

The creative lady later added to the post to thank people for all their positive comments.

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