Woman shares a simple hack to help with mask-induced spots

This time last year, no one could have predicted that wearing masks would become the new normal.

But as the coronavirus pandemic has spread around the world, we’re now required to wear masks in lots of public indoor areas to help control infection levels.

But, while helping protect ourselves and those around us by wearing them, you may have noticed your skin becoming more and more blemished.

In what has been nicknamed ‘maskne’, spots develop on the skin under your mask because the friction produces bacteria and oil which clog up pores.

But, this hack from TikTok user @heyitsamess is apparently a game-changer in helping your skin cope with wearing a face-covering.

In the video which has almost 88,000 views, TikToker Amy shows viewers how simply spraying a few squirts of a drugstore skincare product on the inside your mask can really help your poor distressed skin.

Really helps with breakouts! #asosdaytofright #fyp #foryou #xyzbca

She says: ‘I know quite a lot of people have been having some problems wearing face masks and getting spots round their chin.

‘If you just spray a little bit in your mask before you put it on, it literally helps your skin so much and it smells so nice.’

The spray she recommends is Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Back Spray, which comes from high street health and beauty retailer Boots’ own skincare range.

The product is designed to help reduce redness and prevent future blemishes, which is perfect for soothing existing spots while keeping skin clear as we stay masked up.

At £5, the 150ml bottle should last a while using just a few sprays each time.

It’s important just to add one of two sprays so the mask isn’t wet.

Some people did warn that it might not be a good idea for those with asthma or other breathing conditions to add something like this to a mask.

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